HP 8200 Elite Intel Core i7 SFF Desktop

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HP 8200 Elite Intel Core i7 SFF Desktop
Price: $319.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Aug 10 to Monday, Aug 15) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Amazon Reviews

these things are badass. I bought two of them with i5’s, one at 299 and the other at 279. For the extra 20-40$ to get an i7 with another whole terabyte of disk space, you’ve gotta be crazy to pass this deal up. They work great

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Bought either this exact or a very similar one. Solid performer. Shane about the half height though.

Sold out. Boo.

Rapid sell out!

Seems a bit pricey for a 2nd gen i7 system. Same system is going on eBay for around $190 on several completed sales. That chip is going on 5 years old and is likely showing it’s age. Just pieced together a gen 3 i7 system for my parents for $200.

These refurbished desktops sell out within hours every time their posted. Is there a small amount available?

No, there’s a reseller buying them all.

two at a time? I don’t think so.

Just finished a system for my mother-in-law using one of these (from another source). Turned out well in the end, but there were a series of problems as one might expect with an older machine.

On these machines with Win10, a restart can take over 2 minutes due to a BIOS problem, depending on the version. BIOS 2.01 and 2.29 have the problem. 2.28 does not, reportedly. Evidently the problem has something to do with the embedded security device; ‘hide’ in BIOS to fix (if you don’t need bitlocker).

A Win10 installation on these will leave a ‘PCI serial port’ without a driver. Maybe Woot’s refurbisher fixes this; mine didn’t. I had stability problems until this was fixed. Find and use the HP driver (even tho this is a fully intel box).

Other than those two problems, these machines on Win10 are great. I got one elsewhere (for quite a bit less, but with 4GB and a tiny hard drive), added 8GB and an SSD. Nice box.

One other hint: At least some of these will take 8GB DIMMs, if you want to try for 32GB total. I haven’t tried this. I do know that Corsair XMS3 PC3-10600 works and is compatible with at least the Elpida DRAM that was HP OEM for these boxes. There are reports of PC3-10666 RAM not being compatible.

Ya, sold out super fast because their emails come out at 230 AM EST, so the Chinese have 1st shot. Not Americans… Who is up at 230 AM EST waiting for a Woot email? Why does woot give preference to resellers or foreigners?

Well, we do launch at midnight every night. There’s no change there.