HP 8200 Elite Intel i5 1TB SFF Desktop

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HP 8200 Elite Intel i5 1TB SFF Desktop
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CPU Benchmarks

Does this have a slot for a new graphics card?

This PC only has a 240 watt PSU so it is unlikely that even if there was a spare slot you could use a new graphics card with any meaningful power to it. You’d be stuck with a very low end card at best. This is a business machine rather than a gaming machine.

it has 2. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c03412787
1 low-profile PCI
1 low-profile PCIe x1
2 low-profile PCIe x16

if you google HP 8200 SFF motherboard, you can also confirm this here http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motherboard-HP-elite-8200-SFF-SP-611834-001-AS-611793-002-DG-611794-000-/221262519200

The PS does somewhat limit you but not entirely. It only has a 240 watt power supply, but it is a decent efficient PS. The processor has a typical TDP of 95 watts, all the other stuff in the computer might account for another 20-30 watts max. You could find a card that has a TDP of 60 watts and be fine. Many of the half height videocards are generally lower wattage because they are for cases that generally have smaller PS. Having said that at best you could do some moderate gaming, and you could have a great mediacenter and workstation- but this won’t make for a high perfomance gaming machine.

Hard drive? 5400 or 7200?

The CPU is a bit old and power hungry but can still get the job done for general usage and even light gaming. You could probably get away with a GTX 1050ti graphics card (make sure it’s low profile) to play some newer games.

Don’t even bother. Drop an SSD in this (use the HDD for storage) and you’ll see what kind of performance it truly has. The I5-2400 is old, but still churns out a respectable passmark of 5878. You transfer the OS to an SSD on this and it will perform about as well as any new desktop out there less than $500. I have one of these processors in a shuttle computer with an SSD and it still rocks.

But, if not putting in an SSD, I still want to know how slow my dinosaur is going to trot…slow (7200) or really slow (5400)?

I bought several of these in a previous Woot. They cost ten bucks more at the time, but had larger hard drives.

These work great for office machines - I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more if we had the need.

If these come with the original HDD then the 1TB would be 7200 rpm, but there is no way to guarantee this since these are refurbs and those drives easily may have been replaced. You go to Amazon you can find a decent SSD 120GB for $46 (entry level Kingston) or a fairly decent 256GB Drevo x1 pro for $80. The Drevo isn’t a popular name but has really good performance for the $$$. The HDD produces such a bottleneck in performance, an SSD is the cheapest significant performance enhancing thing you can do to any PC.


Internal drives:
SATA (7200 rpm):
From: 250GB
Up to: 1TB
SATA (10000 rpm):
From: 160GB
Up to: 300GB
SATA Solid State Drive (SSD):
From: 80GB
Up to: 160GB
SATA SED (7200 rpm):
From: 320GB
Up to: 320GB
3.5-inch Removable SATA (7200 rpm):
From: 250GB
Up to: 500GB

How noisy are these computers? I have a very old home built PC that has a really quiet ANTEC case, but the HD is slow, the video card is failing and the PC itself is 5 or 6 years old. This might be an OK temporary, more stable PC for me. Not a gamer. Just email, surfing, and Napster.

These are quiet (assuming the fans aren’t failing). I used to use them as cheap mediacenters.

How about for streaming tv or movies. Does this work

No problem on that; the CPU is plenty capable of that.

Do note that this does not have wireless built-in and the graphics is more suitable for business rather than gaming.