HP 8200 Elite Intel i7 320GB USFF Desktop

Apologies to the moderator. I posted this same comment on another Woot listing, but this information is also pertinent to this product so I figured I’d spread the love :slight_smile:

I just received an HP refurb / open box from Woot that is basically the same design as this one. It’s a litte larger (Z220), but the same sort of form.

I discovered that although in Woot’s photos this form factor is shown standing vertically, the DVD tray is designed to be oriented horizontally. The tray isn’t a laptop type where you can “snap” the CD / DVD in. In this unit the disc just sits there using gravity to keep it in place. You might be able to get the disc to insert into the drive vertically, but as soon as it’s ejected – plop, it falls out. Maybe it’s just mine that has the old school drive, but I had to orient the case horizontally (so that the HP logo is correct :wink: