HP 8200 Elite Intel i7 500GB USFF Desktop

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HP 8200 Elite Intel i7 500GB USFF Desktop
Price: $279.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Oct 05 to Tuesday, Oct 06) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I bought one last time it was on here. Mine came with wireless which is cool. I upgraded the ram to 16 gigs and the hard drive to 2tb. This mini rig is a beast. I use it to stream 1080p movies via plex to roku’s around my house.

Not the best choice for a Home Theater PC… Display port rather than HDMI plus no expansion slots for a good video card and a sound card with optical digital output. The refurbished gateway slim tower I bought for $180 almost 2 years ago is a better choice than this for HTPC. I got 6gb of memory, a dvd burner, and 2 expansion slots. All this has going for it is a fast CPU (not GPU) and an overkill on USB ports which is not needed for media/home theater.

Bought a reconned HP AIO here - bad motherboard and neither Woot not HP would do anything about it. HP sucks.

what is the windows performance index score?

How about more details, as in how fast did you get back to them, what did they say? Why did they not want to help you? Had you already modified the unit. etc?

Well did you get a new board anyway? I would have just hunted down a second hand replacement board after that and never made another purchase

Never heard of xp mode. Is it already preloaded and operational or is it an add on that must be installed and configured?

1 because of the the lack of graphics card. Everything else is 5 or more.

They’re presumably just referring to the option to set the “compatibility mode” for a program to Windows XP, or other previous versions of Windows (in the same way that Windows XP had compatibility mode settings for Windows 98, etc.).

Will this unit run Minecraft?
I’m looking for an inexpensive rig for Minecraft on and online Flash based games (like Animal Jam) for my kids to use.

“XP Mode” is not the same as “Compatibility Mode.” XP Mode is free only for Windows 7 Pro (and higher) as it is just a pre-configured, activated, Windows XP virtual machine which runs in Microsoft Virtual PC. In Windows 7 Home, Virtual PC is also free, but the XP license is not.
It’s a cool feature – if one installs a program that only runs under XP in XP mode, shortcuts are automatically added to the menu so that the XP only program looks and acts like it’s just running automatically in a window; when really it’s running in its own virtual machine.
Yet another good Windows 7 feature that was dropped in Windows 8.

Ah. Thanks for the correction. I thought I remembered something like that, but didn’t realize that you got the XP license. Without that, it’s just Virtual PC, which didn’t really seem like a “mode”.

Anyone else NOT get what the specs listed?
i7-2600s? Nope. Mine’s an i5-2400s
500GB drive? Nope. Mine’s a 320GB.

C’mon, Woot. This is not right. :-/

How did you add 16GB of ram? It says the max is 8GB