HP 8300 Elite Intel Core i5, 250GB MT Desktop

This is a great computer. Have owned many HP laptops Printers and desktops.

Just upgraded wife’s computer to this Model from a HP 5800 mini tower. She is much happier. Happy wife happy life.

Only issue I see / had is that this computer’s Motherboard logic chip-set only allows for 1 SATA 6 connection and 3 other SATA 3 connections.
So if you attach a SSD drive make sure you attach it to the one fast SATA port on the motherboard.
And the other drives like the SATA CD-DVD ROM drive to other SATA ports.
Also this has USB 3.0 ports (on rear) which is nice. But not on the front panel which is a bummer.
I installed W7 on to this computer - actually did a migrate of her old C: drive with commercial software, went from 32 bit to 64 bit. Which was a pain but it got done. Its much easier if your platform is the same BIT’s 32 to 32 etc.