HP 8300 Elite Intel i5, 480G SFF Desktop

HP 8300 Elite Intel i5, 480G SFF Desktop

This is $165 on Amazon…am I missing something here?


Opps ! the hard drive isn’t solid state…on Amazons desktop…

We had a lot of these at work and I can’t recall a single one giving a problem.

I wish there were USB 3.0 ports in the front. Most of the time I am using 3.0 to transfer files on/off a thumb drive so that would be MUCH more convenient! Back is fine for your USB 3.0 back up drive etc but not so handy for flash drives etc.

Buy a USB 3 PCI board. Money well spent…

But first, look at other sites for a refurbished computer. Betters deals at Walmart.com (yup) and arrowdirect.com