HP 8300 Elite Intel i5, 500G SFF Desktop

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HP 8300 Elite Intel i5, 500G SFF Desktop
Price: $149.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, Nov 20 to Thursday, Nov 23) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Normally I don’t post just to bash a Woot! offering, but without an OS, this refurb is completely overpriced. I have purchased at least 20 refurbs in the last year including laptops and nano form factor PCs and I have never seen an i5 hard drive system without an OS being seriously offered for more than $100. I say ‘seriously’ because there are always systems that nobody will buy because they are too expensive, and this here is one. Hard pass.


I can tell, by how you are, that you know what I need.

And you telling me this isn’t it, means this is not it.


I use these at work and the hard drive is tossable. It should be $75 with no drive or OS so that you can add a SSD yourself.

  • The built in video is OK but not 3D. It has a 240W power supply so you are limited to older low profile video cards.

  • Pros - very robust machine for basic use, nearly impossible to kill. Easy to use BIOS and great for a Linux box.

Note - it will support 16GB, but only with low voltage ram. Typical 1.5V takes too much draw for the power supply to handle. I’d recommend the 8300 tower instead as it can handle a 3D video card and 32GB ram. They are everywhere and easy to find. Often the OS serial number is still good as a lot were bought by corporations that used their own KMS server and ignored/imaged over the included OS.

$200 should get you an 8300 tower with an i7 processor pretty easily.

this is some of the best advice i’ve read about making budget rigs. thanks man

I have about 300 of these in my office. Toss the hard drive and drop in a SSD, I have upgraded mine to 525GB Crucial ($150) with a Sabrent SSD cradle ($12). I put 32GB of Crucial DDR3L-1600 UDIMM 1.35V RAM in some of them ($75/each). I have dropped NVIDA Quadro 600 GPUs in a few. In my opinion this PC is overpriced for the amount of upgrades you have to install.


On the topic of SSD cradles, I really like the Icy Dock Tool-Less plastic adapter for the price ($5) and how it allows the SSD to be clicked securely into place or left in a sliding state to accommodate cable lengths and angles. It also support two SSDs, allowing for easy mirroring of the OS drives in critical systems or a sleek addition of a really fast data drive. I am not concerned about physical movement of an SSD in a desktop system, generally. Too little mass to move much by inertial energy, so clicking into place is about 50% for systems I have built/modded recently.

Excuse my ignorance but isn’t this tower the 8300?

It’s an 8300, but it’s the SFF small form factor. The tower is the full size and comes with a slightly larger power supply, among other differences.

Thank you. That makes sense.

I’m looking at building a budget rig for photo editing. From this it sounds like I’d be well off if I find a 8300 tower with the 3rd gen I7 and upgrade to a SSD and 32GB of ram.

Probably can be done for around $500 total, right?

Oh Boy.
I just want a Youtube Machine that does 4K video and I can surf the web.
Gonna pop in a ASUS GeForce GT 710 2GB and see what happens. Less than $300 bucks total for a decent 4K Youtube Machine. Yay…i think. Plus, I love the ‘retro’ look of this machine.