HP 8300 USFF Intel Quad-Core Desktop

SWEET… it has a retractable cup holder!

Is there room in these things to add an HDD? I would definitely need the extra storage space.

Also what am I missing? Is this a bad deal for some other reason?

With only an SSD in it, you can also fit an HHD in there. Barely!

I have a few of these laying around and I’ve put an SSD and a HHD in a couple of them. Great little computers! Very durable and reliable. All you have to watch for is when adding sound or video cards. The power supply in these are very low wattage, so be careful to use cards that don’t use much juice. I have one that functions as a juke box; does nothing but plays music 24/7. I put a Xonar slim sound card in it and it works fine.

Go on the HP site and look up this model number…Probably a spec on there for the main board…Need an M2 connector or 2nd SATA connector…

Probably best to just find out which kind of hard drive and replace it…I just bought a 960GB SSD for $129…

There is a lot of freeware that lets you clone hard drives relatively easily…

While not a NUC…For a relatively small form factor PC…This can replace your DVD player in you Home Entertainment area and be used as an HTPC…

This is not a bad price…With the 240 GB hard drive…

People need to think “segmentation” and “network”…

This has a “specific use profile”…If you want storage…Buy a NAS…I have 15 TB in mine…with an SSD front end…for latency issues…

I agree on the HD…Not entirely sure this is the right manual, but the ultra slim mother board on pg 58 looks to show one SATA connector, so probably best to upgrade that drive rather than expecting to add another one.


Is this the same product as the below link, with just a different HD? Thanks.


[MOD: No. Different form facter. Ours is smaller.]

Come on, people. The REAL selling point here is LightScribe.

Can this support dual monitors?

Is this the same one?? Just a little cheaper??


[MOD: Nope, we’re cheaper for that model.]

Yes it can support dual monitors @ 1920 x 1080 resolution

No wireless seems like it should be a big deal.
It’s there’s a slot for a card?

Bruh… VGA out.