HP 9.7" 32GB WiFi Tablet



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HP 9.7" 32GB WiFi Tablet
$189.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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any good?


so this is now the 100.00 dollar store


Will it work on a Mac?


I can feel my dreams of something else coming up before midnight CT dying slowly. My free shipping dreams, woot! My free shipping plans…FOILED.


I have one, its great! You can even put android on it, its super simple


So I know this is a larger screen/storage, but for my $200 I’d rather buy a Nexus 7


It can have a pretty serviceable Android hacked onto it easily. WebOS is the best mobile OS, but the app selection is limited and the scope of the OS is getting more and more outdated every day.


I have this and love it. Putting Android on it is a snap and free.

The guys at cyanogen mod have outdone themselves in improving this tablet. The processor overclocks readily and with just one click.

They are working on putting the brand new android on it now. (Jellybean)


a lot of people still claim these are the best, especially when you throw Cyanogenmod on it.


Works great with Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich (Jellybean will be available soon.) Except camera doesn’t work, but it’s not that good of camera anyway. See Reverend Kyle for easy to follow instructions.


Buy this. Buy this now!


4.1/5* on Amazon


Not worth it, even rooted to Android…just go for a Nexus or save a little more money for something better.


My son and I have these, and love them. In fact, I am typing this comment from mine. In for 1 for my boyfriend.


following the woot-off on one right now. running ICS to boot. sadly i do not need two of them however.


Oh yeah. I’ve got one and my brother’s got one. Once you get it, hop out to cyanogenmod.com and you can get the Android port. This turns your TouchPad into a dual-boot tablet, so you can run webOS and Android Ice Cream Sandwich! (Android ICS does not include a side of Bacon.)


I have two that my kids use for games, browser, etc., and they love it. I’m waiting for the Jellybean OS and I might try that to improve their gaming experience.


Do you need some of my happy pills? You seem a little grumpy.