HP A10 Quad-Core Desktop w/ 1TB HD

Lots of good reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at staples.com

All the info you need straight from hp.com

is this windows 8 home or pro?

The two versions are

Windows 8
Windows 8 Pro

This is Windows 8.

bah. only OS worth getting are the ones that have capability to join a domain. too bad. I liked this one. :frowning:

This seems like a good woot! That quad-core 3.4GHZ processor seems pretty nice, will go read-up on it.

I think this comp has been up a few times, but here’s the dl on the A10 processor.

AMD stuck both the graphics processor and central processor on the same chip. Saves room, and in the end, give pretty decent performance, but nothing to write home about.

If you are looking for a gaming powerhouse, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a good, slightly more than basic overall computer, I like the A series.

Can we all agree this looks like a pretty decent PC @ a pretty decent price?

Not many of the main stream PC deals at Staples & Office Depot have both USB 3.0 & Bluetooth.

And it’s hard to find a Desktop @ Costco for less than $500-600.

This PC should serve the average user well for several years.

Please, we’re tired of the oh but it’s Windows 8 (get over it - Windows 7 isn’t coming back and who wants to pay another $90 to put it back on. Give Windows 8 + a start menu/desktop addin a chance before barfing)…

Oh, and that 300 watt power supply will be fine for the 95% of users who never open the case.

How does this compare to the laptop on tech today?
Our use would be mainly for middle school (and eventually high school) homework and general home use–email, web browsing.

Just noticed the page of Dells…decisions, decisions…

I also like the A10 series. I built a home theater based on the A10-5800K. It has a respectable CPU and GPU passmark. The problem with today’s offering is that HP manages to find the only socket FM2 motherboard without HDMI. Epic fail. They do this all the time with their A10s. So basically now if I want to make this into a mdeiacenter pc, I have to buy a separate videocard- and if I have to do that, now I would have to change out the paltry 300 watt max power supply. If you don’t want this for a mediacenter, it’s decent as is. If you intend to use this for a mediacenter prepare to spend some cash to upgrade it.

@atjacofam, Funny - I was just looking at that laptop as well.

Without splitting hairs, this desktop is more powerful, but you’ll need to have or buy a monitor.

And strangely, this desktop has Bluetooth but I don’t think that laptop does. BT is typically more useful on a laptop but you can add it with a cheap dongle.

Otherwise if you want years of life, go desktop - they tend to be more durable and far better cooled. And obviously if you’re not moving them around like laptops they don’t break that way.

If you don’t need portability yet for the kids, then consider a desktop. Young kids can be pretty tough on laptops with spills, etc… (We have 4 kids)

Key advantage of desktop if you have a permanent place in the family room for it: kids can’t easily take it somewhere else where you won’t be monitoring them on the Internet! (Very important - sad when I see friend’s kids with total Internet freedom.)

This tower is much more powerful than the laptop. If you are planning on having a stationary PC and don’t need the portability of a laptop, I would buy this tower. The tower has almost 3x higher CPU benchmarks and 2 x higher GPU benchmarks than the laptop.

Below is an 1080P 21.5" monitor you can buy at Newegg for $100 and free shipping. This monitor has a DVI input.

Does this motherboard support extra add-on video cards AND still allow the onboard video to function? Some of the older motherboards that have onboard video would default and not function if a separate video card was installed. I want to use the two onboard video functions, add a video card to it, and have four monitors working.

Windows 8 is not bad when you add the start button add-on. Running Google Chrome, it behaves much like 7.

NO- if you install a videocard, it will turn off the internal video.


Integrated Graphics
*Integrated video is not available if a graphics card is installed.

If I switch out the power supply and install a good video card, will this be a decent gaming PC? I have an 800 watt power supply and a GeForce GTX 260 video card.

you could try this:
This card has up to a quad display output and only $55 after rebate. I wouldn’t use it for gaming, but if you just need to stretch the desktop and the gaming you do isn’t very demanding , this should work.


This is better, and will save you $10. It will make a real nice machine after adding the video card and updating the power supply

Will is support two montors without adding an extra graphics card?