HP A1428x PC with Athlon 64 3700+ Processor



Nice that that one went over so quick. I have 2 FM transmitters.

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Initial load time isn’t great but the tracker is quick. Happy Woot Off!

We’ve got it all. New Item sounds will be available this afternoon. =)

Track Woot. Bringing it to you all night long baby!


great deal, buy 3!


Does it work with Mac?


this will take a while.


back to the cave 35.35




wow… will people buy three of these??? lol




wtf? its almost the same thing they offered just now


NO NOT A GOOD DEAL. I mean buy buy buy LOL


See, this is just disappointing. Usually woot uses some crappy projector to kill two hours during a woot-off… it’s like they’re not even trying any more


Yeah, I buy all my computers before I even have a cup of coffee in the morning.

This is a great price though.


Good price… I hope people buy them quickly…


almost a w00t killer.


“All these belssings can be yours and more” ???

What’s a Belssing? :wink:


STILL waiting…


Hopefully this one will go as fast as the other computer they offered. If you want it, don’t hesitate … it is selling out as I type. : )


If your processor has less than 2 megs of L2 cache you are not a big enough nerd.

So you need to buy at least 2 of these.


Time for breakfast… :meh: