HP All-in-One Color Printer w/HP Premium Plus Photo Paper


[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/HP_All-in-One_Color_Printer_w-2fHP_Premium_Plus_Photo_Paper-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft] Sunday, November 27, 2005


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pass on this… looks good though.


Sweet -Something New Tonight - But not for me - Already have 1 too many printers


I’m a big fan of HP printers. The original maker of high-quality, affordable output solutions appears to have come through with another winner. However, one interesting element of this seemingly amazing woot is the total pixelation. Please review the numbers and ask yourself, “Does this really make sense?”

4800 horizontal DPI x 1200 vertical DPI = 5,760,000 total dpi. Is this even possible? FIVE MILLION, Seven hundred, Sixty thousand dots per inch?!? This means that at 8.5" x 11" (minus 1" margins), you’ll get 336,960,000 dots on each page!!! A further fourth-grade mathematical analysis would conclude this to be (after shipping) a cost of only $0.00000037 per dot per page!

Count me in for 3!

…With Woot and Justice for All!!!


good price good printer.


Lowest Price $150 shipped @ newegg
lowest price ever posted on FW $120 AC/AR (doesn’t include paper & no tax)

If you want this BUY IT, however, by spending about $80 more, you can get a similar canon product that with ink that costs literally 1/3 less, the BCI-3 & BCI-6 series of inks are 13ml for each color, so 3x13=39ML of color for $32 or 12ea.

So, as with all things, think about long term costs, not just the out of pocket expense, not just the amount you pay today

Cnet review 6.6 / 10
The good: Excellent text quality; speedy photo printing; color LCD panel; media-card and PictBridge ports; attractive, compact design.

The bad: Unwieldy software; skimpy paper handling; iffy scan quality.

The bottom line: Against other all-in-ones, the HP PSC 2355 is a decent value with excellent text prints, but it’s no digital-imaging standout.

Very Very mixed reviews on amazon, they seem to be eaither 5 stars or 1star, so make your own decision, because the ‘for more money you can buy something better’ thing definaty isn’t for everyone


Not bad…


Tri color ink. That can get spendy replacing color cartridges when only one of the colors run out.


May be tomorrow


We just had one of these!!!


Nifty! If only I needed a printer.


Another Printer, a good one at that this time.
Who still has those notecards?

First page, //007


I need a new printer…have to think on this woot offering.


first page? Oh yeah!



Slackin woot… Need to get something more fun and electronic.

First Page…


HP All-in-One Color Printer w/HP Premium Plus Photo Paper

  • $5 shipping

WOW good price


hotness. too bad i already bought an HP all-in-one (different model) at a higher price sans the photo paper.

the HP2350, as presented here… compared to the HP2610 which i bought earlier on woot, is smaller and lighter (and cheaper!). however, it doesn’t pring as fast (about 10 pages slower for both color and bw)

First page ahoy!


already have a nice lexmark, but can serve as a good gift…


Not exactly for me… I have enough printers from dell deals. Even if this is a photo printer, don’t want another lunkin’ printer.