HP All-In-One Desktops & Printers

does it print photos?

be aware if you get one of these doa, you still have to pay the shipping charges to get it back to be repaired or replaced

If you receive an item that is defective out of the box, you should always contact support@woot.com immediately. They may have other options.

I did contact support and my options were to send it back for a refund or send it to the warranty company…both options I had to still eat the shipping charge…

Picked up the 23-1016 for my g/f who just needs something for email, light web browsing and FB. It’s getting hard to find Win7 PCs and the ones I have looked at cost $100-$150 more than similarly equipped Win8 PCs, go figure. Pretty happy to find this all-in-one w/Win7 at a decent price.

same. still dealing with two of the $39 AIO printers POS. If your time is worth anything, look elsewhere.

(btw, TT - all I have from cs is two more call ticket numbers…)

Ya I was geared up to buy one, but I think you are right, I would rather pay more for a new one I can drive back to the store to trade or give back for a full refund if needed.

I received mine and haven’t been able to print a single page. The printer says, “Printhead damaged. Contact hp for support.” I contacted hp and, thankfully, they are sending me a replacement.

I fully explained that I purchased a refurbished printer from woot.com, but they are sending me a replacement!

I might suggest not shipping the item in it’s original box. A little more protection might help!

Are any of the All In One’s wall mountable? I don’t see anything about VESA measurements.

Nevermind, I see the wall mountable line now in the specs.

HP Pavillion 23-B019c 23" LCD All-in-One Intel Core i3 3220 Dual Core 6GB DDR3 1TB SATA 802.11 b/g/n Desktop PC

Is this one Windows 7 or 8?
under the spec it says Win 8 but the picture shows Win 7.

Mine just won’t even recognize setup cartridge.
I contacted Woot and they didn’t even repond. I wrote them a week ago.
Sucks. Am I supposed to eat the cost???

Be sure to check your email spam/junk folders. Also, if you email from a different address than what is on your account, be sure to include your order number and woot user name so they can match you up.

My order number is *******, I have not heard from anyone yet.

[MOD EDIT: Removed Order Number/Personal Info]

I will forward your post along to CS to see if I can get you a resolve.

Thank you for your ongoing patience during this matter.