HP AMD Athlon ll Quad Core Desktop Computer

No monitor to go with it this time?

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Seems like a good price for this system, but much more than the average user needs.

The only thing I could ask for is support for second vid card… DAMN!

Not good for gaming!

With the tiny power supply it won’t handle much of a graphics card upgrade without also getting a new power supply, but it DOES include a PCI-E x16 slot (The current best choice for high-performance video cards).

intial impression: i would be all over this if i had 500 dollars that i didn’t really need for anything now or in the forseeable future.

does the DVI support audio or just video. I ask b/c my laptop has DVI but it’s only video. laaame.

Headin’ on over to C-Net for a review…

No HP’s for me, refurbished or otherwise. Too much junk software and too high a price.

Definitely a deal, and even if it’s more than what most people need, as previously suggested, it’ll be that much longer before they have to replace it.

All in all, better than what you can get for a comparable price at brick and mortar stores - 6GB RAM and 1TB hard drive? That’s insane!

Throw a decent video card in this and you have a pretty good gaming machine too.

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I don’t know of any DVI connector that supports audio. The only video cable I know of that supports audio is HDMI.

Bought mine during the last Woot-off and it arrived today. After about 2 hours of use, no major issues so far. 7 already doing better than my Vista machine! :wink:

I just picked up this exact computer a couple of days ago BRAND NEW at Staples for $499. This isn’t a great deal for a refurb.

They are out of stock online, but it is still available in the stores.


Only one snag on that: it’s only a PCI-E x16, not a PCI-E 2.0 x16. You can put in a current-generation graphics card in it (the ATI Radeon HD 5670), but your choices are EXTREMELY limited as to what you can put in.

How loud is it? I’m considering replacing my current media computer which is WAY loud. I’m not looking for a silent pc, just need to not make a ruckus when it kicks into high gear.

No thanks. The Hard drive is slow (speed comparable to an old laptop drive), power supply will not allow much if any expansion. There’s definitely better options in this price range.

Just got mine from the last offering. It really makes my Dell D610 laptop look sad performance-wise. I ripped a dozen DVDs using DVD Shrink so that I can transfer them to my PVR-- it really screams!

Other pros: Whisper quiet, fast booting, good looking.
Cons: Comes with a ton of HP pre-installed crap that I’m sure I don’t want.

So far very pleased, I’m not a gamer so I’m sure I’ll be happy with it unless it dies early.