HP AMD Athlon ll Quad Core Desktop Computer

Ew, 5400rpm hard drive. Good for storage, bad for performance. By the time one adds a decent video card, power supply and hard drive, they would be better off building a rig from parts from Newegg/TigerDirect/SuperBiiz. =/

It is a silent PC-- you need to look to see if it is on. I presume that if it is heavily loaded that the fans will kick up, but in normal use it is as quite as you could possibly want.

I agree, totally. I bought an Asus a couple of months ago, new, for $499. 6GB and 750GB, running 7, with NO junk software.

I replaced an older HP that was going bonkers and had been skittish since it was new. Glad to be rid of it.

I stand corrected and ashamed :frowning:

I just got mine on Saturday from the last time this was on. Works great. Looked like a new unit. I just plugged it in and a few updates later I was in business. Plenty fast. Very quiet. Everybody at home is happy with it.

the letters ‘HP’ are enough for me not to buy this.

The PC Decrapifier is your friend.
I just know the word switcher is going to eat that…
PC Decrapifier

Its an awesome tool

Nope…that’s the wrong one!

Here is the right one : http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01925562&tmp_task=solveCategory&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&product=4006403


Just bought it from woot a little while ago.

Pros: Very quiet, fast, all-around decent computer (so far). TONS of room for a video card, the one I added is 11.5in x1.5in - can hold a card that’s more than 14in long.

Cons: Lots of junk software of course, easily removed. Needs a video card to play anything besides the original GTA. Power supply is only 300 watts and only has 2 sata power connectors that are already being used.

I had intended on adding a video card anyways, but as a result I needed to also upgrade the power suppy. If anyone else goes this route keep in mind there is a ATX12V connector for the motherboard.

This may not be the case. While it does not say 2.0 some poking on the interwebs reports that it is indeed a pci-e 2.0 16 slot…

Thread on Toms Hardware

Oh and someone shared the manufacturers manual, no not the HP one, the real one in that thread.

Mad Google skillz, I has dem! Spelling not so much

So, has PCI-E x16 1.1 been saturated by the newer cards thus showing a demand for the new standard? If so, point me in the right direction, I’m really not on top of the market now. On top of that is the processor enough for that? If you’re looking at the specs of the PCI lanes, then you are probably more interested in building a computer rather than upgrading a all in one box. Decent little deal for what it is especially with the price of RAM these days. That alone (6GB) is probably worth about $150-200. Throw in a $100 OS and $70-80 harddrive and your close to cost before processor, case, power supply, input devices, and shipping.

What about a 5770?

Can anyone tell me how a computer is refurbished? Do they just replace a dead part?

5770 will fit but itll be tight

Glad to hear it! I just got mine, but it’s still in the box. I’m not a gamer, either, and upgrading from a 2002 computer, so the specs on this one for the price seemed crazy! I didn’t even realize they made hard drives in terrabytes…:slight_smile: I’d been looking, and when this one came up a couple of weeks ago, it seemed to really fill the bill. Just in comparison, I went to the Dell site and ‘built’ a computer with these same specs, and the total was over $1000.

Does this support dual monitors?

If this is still here in the morning…it’s my early Father’s Day present!

Gonna add the 5770 card and a power supply…if anyone can recommend a good (and cheap) PS it would be greatly appreciated!

When a mommy and a daddy computer love each other very much and after they are married… er wait that is how we get netbooks.

Refurbished -
Depends on the reason the machine was returned. Might have had a bad stick of ram, bad cpu, been the wrong color, bad hard drive, an LED that did not light up.

Someone with a screwdriver and a curious nature then opens it up and tries to fire up the unit to find the issue.

They locate the issue and repair/replace/reseat the problem.

The system is then tested to make sure it is properly functioning.

They reload the HD with the initial load image pack it in a box with a refurbished sticker.

The computer then spends some lonely time in a warehouse, until one day the Woot! buyer shows up. If the buyer hasn’t been drinking (because that explains refurbished Seagate drives) the little box smiles and tries to look very pretty. Much like animal at the pound. A deal is struck and soon the computer is on its way to the Woot! warehouse. It waits for the call to be the item of the day and stands before the camera in all of its glory and tries to win your heart.

You press the giant orange button, and it comes to live with you.

It is a happy story, remember refurbished items need love too… and please have your technology spayed or neutered to stop rogue hardware…

I bought a refurb HP a couple years ago from another site…it was in a box marked refurb, but the case itself still had it’s plastic static wrap on all front surfaces. For giggles I opened it up before hooking it up and found an unplugged hard drive…maybe it was part of a known batch with defective hard drives??? Plugged it in…worked perfectly and has worked fine since.

Not exactly true. PCIe 2.0 graphics cards can be used on PCIe 1.0 slots without any performance degradation as long as its not a top of the line video card. PCIe 2.0 doubles the bandwitdth of each lane, but most video cards do not consume enough bandwidth to need the maximum bandwidth provided by a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot. Read up on wikipedia.

Oh, and as for this deal… In my opinion you can get an equivalent computer right now on DELL’s outlet website for roughly the same price.