HP AMD Athlon ll Quad Core Desktop Computer

Gonna play GAMEZ!!!

This will kill it for sure

Any idea when the random crap will come?

NO WAY!!! it’s too cheap.

Ah, the return of the 300w power supply.

Game over man! game over!

Ummmmm, its random. As in random. Like unplanned.

Any idea what kind of graphics card this thing has? How many MB the card is and how well will it actually run games?

Safe to go have breakfast.

Saturday, approximately 5:48 PM EST.

Sometime today, or not…

NVIDIA GeForce 9100 video graphics chip set

HP is pure evil. If there are enough of these refurb’d to make a lot already then they are junk. Have fun, suckers.

New Power Supply and a decent video card, and you’re ready to roll.

you’ve just missed it. it was between the mic and this desktop.lasted for like 1 minute.

I bought one of these from Best Buy. Great box. Mine had a smaller drive and cost over 500.00. Make sure you update all drivers to prevent blue screens.

I know we hear it all the time, but my son’s 10th bday is coming up and a computer is what I’m getting him. He’s a gamer, not heavy, mostly WoW. Is this power supply ok? I know friends of mine have mentioned to watch out for that in regards to upgrading video cards…

Somebody hack the site and post the links to the new items plz. lol.