HP AMD Ryzen 7, RX550 Gaming Desktop

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HP AMD Ryzen 7, RX550 Gaming Desktop
Price: $549.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I might not know much, but 300W power supply? Is that enough to support using the power button?

I wonder what the back looks like?

Eh, it’s probably just full of stars.

Shockingly yes it is enough. PC parts have been getting extremely power efficient. The CPU TDP is 65W and the GPU is 50W, AMD has really stepped up their game lately. Last time I used AMD, a decade ago, their CPUs and GPUs were power hungry and always ran HOT, I’m glad they’re back in the running with Intel, I’ll look forward to their offerings in a few years, or at least the competition should be beneficial to all.

Hmm with the current market it isn’t a bad deal.

The CPU and Ram alone are almost $500 by themselves.

Looks like Costco had these on sale for $600 new 3 months ago.

The video card is not amazing. Looks like it can play most AAA games on low settings at 30FPS. But being a desktop it would probably be an easy upgrade.

AMD Raisin 7?

AMD named their processor after a shriveled up grape… no wonder Intel is winning.

This PC has a good CPU and sufficient RAM, but the GPU is pretty crappy for gaming and it needs an SSD, period. The 550 is better than Intel integrated graphics, but that’s about it. The 300 W PSU would easily suffice for a 1050 Ti upgrade, which is at least capable of gaming at FHD/medium settings without needing any more power than the PCIe slot can provide. Unfortunately, GPU pricing is so outrageous that the cheapest 1050 Ti (for example) I found is about double what I paid for one over a year ago.

That being said, this PC is a good deal if you need it mainly for the CPU, for non-gaming tasks, because you’re limited in what GPU you can upgrade to in the first place, and GPUs are so overpriced that it throws out any value proposition of buying a prebuilt and upgrading individual components yourself.

Will this run csgo with decent fps?

Hi I’m also with AMD and wow are these low power consumption parts HOT, baby! The crypto mining scene loves it!!!

Sincerely yours,


Should get around 100fps with this GPU at 1080p.

I’d buy this PC, slap a SSD in it, and then upgrade to a 1050ti/1060 when (if) the prices go down.

This is a super solid build, it’s just lacking performance in the GPU.

This is not VR ready like the marketing material states. The GPU is not recommended for VR by Oculus or HTC.


HP’s specs are very specific about memory upgrade limitations. 16gb is the max.

I do allot of work with geospatial data and graphics. GPUs integrated on the motherboard don’t cut it at all–OTH, I don’t need a state of the art GPU.

This GPU seems just right. This woot is very tempting.

For years HP has always been the bane of my existence. They seem to use lesser quality parts than the next to profit a nickel. Note that these units are “factory reconditioned”. There is a reason for this

I agree, I got my son a similar computer, the HP 580-131, it came with the VR headset and controllers and the entire deal was $750. The difference is the CPU in the one I bought was only a Ryzen 5 1400, BUT the GPU in it was the RX 580 which is more than twice as powerful as the RX 550. His works fine with VR, but I would not skimp on the GPU for VR, I don’t think the RX 550 is powerful enough for VR. I wouldn’t really call this a gaming desktop. I would say this is a great workstation with a nice CPU that can do some gaming.

Easy upgrade if you can get a video card. The GPU market is still insane and requires constant attention if you actually want a “deal”. You’re actually better off buying a system with the video card you want because prebuilts are actually way cheaper than DIY at this point because of ram and GPU prices.

I want to purchase this as a Linux dev box. The gpu supports FreeSync and the resolution support is decent. (Not entirely sure it supports 4K in freesync though)

But I need to travel several states this month and next so it’s just a bad rime for me.