HP AMD Ryzen 7, RX550 Gaming Desktop

I have this from a few weeks back when it was the same price and deal… Its not bad at all I upgraded the hard drive to a 256 NVMe boot drive and it super fast now… Im waiting for a GeForce GTX 1050Ti that I ordered from Amazon UK to save $50 bucks I should receive it wednesday… And then Its the perfect PC I think…

Basic beginners gaming rig, Yes. But it would need an ssd for the os for sure and nvidia graphics card at minimum to be a Real Gaming rig. HP tries but what company doesn’t over value there stuff? And for me, No windows 10. But for the price, good general starter PC. I bulid mine and who needs 8 cores? I’ll stick with FX at 4.2 mhz thank you. Good Luck all.

Did it look used, or like a new machine? I have one of these from the Costco deal late last year, and am tempted to buy a second one.

Here’s a link to HP’s spec page – you can see what’s on the inside.

Minimal upgradability TBH – but it’ll get the job done if you want to play current gen.

Costco still has a good deal on it with a 2 year guarantee. https://www.costco.com/HP-Performance-Pavilion-580-Desktop---Intel-Core-i7---4GB-Graphics.product.100382493.html
$699. Does anyone know whether case has room for a second hard drive?

Personally I don’t think the longer warranty is worth $150. And it is VERY tight inside this case. I had to remove the video card to install the m2 ssd. I don’t recall how much room there was for a standard drive.

Brand new not a scratch on it…

there is room and also a sata port but cable not included…

The only video card you can install is the GeForce GTX 1050Ti the AMD ones want power the power supply cant handle…

I thought for sure seeing the word “gaming” that it would be another 8GB joke, but for the price, those aren’t bad specs. Not sure how AMD vs nVidia performance compares on Windows. Would have to have an nVidia to game on Linux (but it’s getting better). An SSD would definitely help, but they need to finish dumping the spinning rust on people before they start dumping the cheap SSDs.

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