HP AMD Ryzen 7, RX550 Gaming Desktop

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HP AMD Ryzen 7, RX550 Gaming Desktop
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Anybody used HP machine with AMD Ryzen7? And 300W power supply is enough for this kind of config.?

This works fine as it is… But what I did was pull its video card and added a Zotac GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4 GB OC Graphics Card I got on AmazonUk for $200 tax free also and also added a WD Black 256GB Performance SSD - M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive I got on Newegg for $90 as my OS boot drive and I have to say it works great…

It’s not definitive, but a cursory google search gives ~75W as the max draw of the video card, and offhand I think the Ryzen 7 1700 has a TDP of 65W. That leaves some headroom for a single spin drive and RAM. If you’re upgrading the video card, I’d definitely up the PSU as well (maybe even if not upgrading the video card, future proof/stability and overclocking potential).

The RX 550 draws about 50 watts in gaming where the 1050ti I upgraded to only draws about 75 watts so not much more… thats why I didnt have to change the power supply…

To boost prices in a faltering market they slap the name “gaming” on anything to raise the price.

Here is another marketing gem, “Out with the old”, but keeping the 1Tb rotating HDD.
C’mon guys, 16Gb RAM and a 7200 rpm (let’s hope) disc? Plus, if you are marketing this to “creative” types, don’t advertise that it is Win 10 Home.

This is a decent deal. I’m surprised that HP still feels that they don’t need an SSD to be standard on a machine like this, but that’s a cheap and easy $75 for a 240GB addition, and you can use the 1TB spinner as back-up and to store content. I bought a similar type PC HP580-131 from Microsoft store last Christmas or my son. It was a VR set-up and included the HP VR headset and controllers, it only had a Ryzen 5 1400, but had RX-580 graphics- that whole set up was $750. This one today has a better CPU and a graphics card that is about half the performer of the one in my machine. I know today’s machine GPU can be upgraded because my system uses the same 300 watt PS and my CPU has the same 65 watt typical TDP BUT my videocard (RX-580) is rated for 150 watt max draw vs the videocard in today’s machine that has a max power draw of 50 watts. As is, this will do some moderate gaming, and you could clearly classify it as a beginner’s gaming rig. If you’re planning on doing VR (or higher gaming), you’ll definitely need a stronger graphics card. Update it to an SSD and it will really fly. The CPU in today’s PC Ryzen 7-1700 has a passmark of 13748 which is really pretty impressive at this price point.

I got one the last time it was for sale on Woot. I wanted a cheap-ish platform to use as a virtualization server at home running Proxmox. The number of cores and memory seemed to be enough for a few small Linux VMs. Once the BIOS is configured for Legacy boot, it runs Proxmox just fine. I added a small SSD and a cheap quad Ethernet PCI card. I was somewhat disappointed that there’s only one expansion slot that’s PCI-e x1 so that limits what you can add. Overall it seems to work fine.


The buyer is in a good mood and wants y’all to buy ALL the computers. He’s lowered the price to $549.99.

If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pocket soonish.

how well will it run Fortnite?

Where are the pics of the back?

Here are official pics & specs from HP. It appears the MB can only handle 65w Ryzen CPU’s so above 1700 goes to 95w.


The difference between a 1700 and 1800X isn’t that great. This Woot sale a pretty good.

This is a fairly good deal; I bought one during the last sale. It will play most games at medium to medium-high settings without a glitch; playing the games on high is just a GPU upgrade away.

Pricewise, just the CPU + RAM + video card alone is more than $600 if bought separately. And that’s not counting the motherboard, case, power supply, optical drive and HDD/SDD.

It has a 550 GPU so here you go.

Bought this exact 'puter for my son when it was on sale @ Costco for $599. Pretty solid box but upgrade options r limited. That said, it has satisfied most of his gaming needs, though he did buy himself that Omen lappy that Woot was pushing a few weeks ago with the 4K display since he was tired of lugging the Ryzen back n forth to his buddy’s house for gaming. So, less $50 for “refurbished” is actually pretty nice…

Would there be an improvement with the 4GB of RAM on the Video card?

I put into this a Zotac GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4 GB OC Graphics Card instead of the included video card…

What type of mobo is this thing packing, anybody know? They never list it