HP AMD Ryzen 7, RX550 Gaming Desktop

I believe it’s an HP Basswood. Here’s a pic:


If I were to get this I would want to bring over an old Bluray/DVD Player and Writer and my 2 SSDs. Does anyone know if that is easily done? I hate messing with hardware but I can do straightforward hardware swaps.

Anyone know much about the warranty? I know Woot! has a 90 day warranty. Is there a chance there would still be an HP warranty on the serial number of this device?

I know nothing about gaming PCs. I understand some basic principles about computer hardware. I am trying to understand if this would be a good, fast PC for everyday word processing, streaming and Internet surfing? Or is this overkill for that type of usage and I should just stick with a standard processor? I thought $550 was a good pricepoint, regardless of usage type. Thank you.

This is a pretty good computer for the price. You probably wouldn’t utilize the power of the PC but at this price, why not. If you spend any less and you will probably get a junk computer.

Will this PC be enough to run Valve’s Source Filmmaker decently?

Thank you very much for your response.

If only this motherboard was overclockable. I hear it is pretty easy to get decent speeds out of the 1700.

Hard Drive died one month after use. Never buy a refurbished computer.