HP AMD Ryzen 7, RX550 Gaming Desktop

Change the power supply…
Change the video card…
add a NVME boot drive…

and your set to go… I did…

Why the power Supply?

HP’s site says it’s 300w and it’s probably low-efficiency as well. If you push the GPU to something higher than mid-tier you’ll need probably 2x the power supply.

Hey, jlgomez-
Can you link the PS and video cards you upgraded to? As well as the SS boot drive?

I bought one of these systems from Costco last fall; very pleased with the base model performance, but the video card is indeed ‘average’ for stuff. Not a ‘gamer’; I use the system for home-office and consulting work, and it’s plenty fast for regular stuff.

I do like to get ‘spare parts’ for when the PS and video card get crazy- I kept an older Dell i7 system running for about 10 yrs by upgrading those. It still runs, but has an energy-hog i7 chip in it that requires noisy fans running constantly. This Ryzen system only runs the fans on bootup, and otherwise is very quiet during operation.


Bought this a few months ago. Installed an SSD and it’s ROCKING. Hope to upgrade the video card/ps soon, but for now it works for me!

Not a bad deal if you just want a basic machine for productivity, but horrible for gaming. That being said, I was able to configure a Ryzen 7 1700-based system using Newegg for $600 that had RGB RAM, 750W modular PSU, MUCH better mobo, and a 256GB NVME SSD. YMMV.