HP Athlon 64 Desktop with DVD Burner


Saturday, September 24, 2005


Great system for the price - I need a stand alone server for programming.

HP Athlon 64 Desktop with DVD Burner $399.99 + $5 shipping

Great price for all of the inclusive features!


Cool Woot… and yes… I think it’s about time for the B.O.C. I need something better than a used keyboard [;)]

HP Athlon 64 Desktop with DVD Burner $399.99 + $5 shipping

Killer price for what is included!!

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ill pass, dont need :frowning:


good deal


Looks nice.

Don’t really need ANOTHER computer.

Hot price indeed. Nice price if you’re looking to get a pre-assembled computer on the cheap.


Crap, I could use a new computer, but I don’t have $400. Oh well, perhaps some other time. Edit: Too bad it’s socket 754, I’d rather get a 939 box.


Good Buy… similar machine at Costco for over 500…


Good woot!


come on now, that’s not woot quality. i could’ve gone to bed hours ago… where are the plasma tv’s???


Good price if you don’t like building your own…


Cool deal no need too slow


looks like a good deal but I dont have enough money …


hmm refurbished and HP… no thanks! but thanks!


you all can whine and make up some dumb excuse about how you cant offord it or to much money… etc… but that doesnt take away the fact that its a great deal. and this is
64 bit
3200 cpu
200 gig hard drive
800 FSB (the more pimportant one) etc etc… its easily worth it, nice woot\

and PS… do we really need to hear all you people say “dont need” or “already got one” once again… it doesnt make it less of a deal. so stop whining, thank you :slight_smile: and have a nice day


400$ for this computer is worth it.


Nice deal… Don’t really need one though

Maybe tomorrow


not bad…no $$ for that though =(


Seems OK, but not sure about the refurbished part? Oh, what the heck - mark me down for one!


If only it were new and socket 939. Sweet dreams!