HP Business Class Computers

Since these are not factory recondition does anyone at Woot know if the 3rd party reconditioner used HP parts that are specified for this model? I bought a 3rd party reconditioned HP computer before (not at Woot), did a firmware update only to get incompatible hardware boot messages. When I opened it up I discovered the only thing that was from HP was the case and motherboard everything else was cheap bottom of the barrel parts. Felt kind of like bait and switch.

I got not this model but a different HP laptop and found that the battery was junk. I boosted the memory to 8 GB and considered getting a SSD to make it fast but have not done that yet.

These models have the unfortunate 1366x768 resolution instead of 1600x900. I hate scrolling so much. I consider 1366x768 to be consumer grade, not business class. Plus these are 14" units. My Probook at work is a 15.6" with the higher resolution, so I keep looking…and waiting.

You can get an extra 4GB of RAM and 750GB HDD on sale for less than $90, so it’s hard to justify the $90 difference between the 4GB/250GB and the 8GB/750GB laptops.

Best thing is probably to get the $290 model, add more RAM and add an SSD.

If you’re more enterprising you can upgrade the screen to 900p. You’ll need to replace the LCD cable with one with more bandwidth, and this probably will involve disassembling and reassembling the entire laptop. Could be a fun project if you hobby is laptop repair.