HP Business Class Computers

Not for the inexperienced and equipped systems tech. I received this system without a refurbished disk . System would not boot on arrival also no contact information for service. I have 35yrs experience from the earliest PC release! It took me over 15 hours to rebuild the system and would not have recovered it except I tried a recovery disk from one of my other system and managed to find enough of the original OS to rebuild the system. I thought I would have to buy a new OS disk for $ 90. Hard was good quality with 2TB WD hard disk and 8g good memory. Good luck if you by it!
The refurbished? Key did pass MS I’D check.

Bought a refurb from WOOT in december. Didnt function after recieving it. Left numerous emails to WOOT and NO RESPONSE!! once you buy it you’re on your own. Support company would not support woot. BUYER BEWARE!!!

We checked with CS. They have replied to all of your emails. Could you please check your spam/junk folders or email them with another email address to use.

I am having a similar problem and plan to get either a refund or replacement from Woot or get them to pay for an OEM recovery CD from HP. The thing is stuck in an endless setup cycle. Apparently this was a common problem with RC of Win7 so not sure what’s going on here. I too am no stranger to fiddling with PCs but really, Woot. This should work out of the box. I was planning to spend the afternoon setting up my software and migrating my files. Instead I am admiring my new doorstop from across the room.