HP Business Class Laptops

I bought one of these a couple of months ago. While it works, I was highly disappointed with the condition. If you think these are going to be those “open box, like new” refurbs, you’ll be disappointed. What I got was beaten up. There were dents on the edges from being dropped, and an obviously worn out latch. The top of the laptop has a textured “metal” vinyl applied to cover up the heavily scratched up finish on the original lid. It appeared to have a brand new screen and keyboard, though.

Yep, the Elitebook 8470 is the current company issue. How can I sum this up succinctly…hmmm…I miss my Thinkpad 420. The 1366x768 LCD is abysmal, the keyboard is a bit of an upgrade from the “island” style, but nothing like the Lenovo (who bought the IBM model - best in the business). And that damned track pad - you are constantly mispositioning the cursor if you touch that spawn from hell inadvertently. Trackpads are an invention of the devil and this one is strategically placed to maximize inadvertent actuations. Best to disable this immediately.

Unless I am hallucinating (mightily), there ain’t no full sized keyboard with numeric keypad on my 8470 - despite what the Woot description says. Unless you want to count the second row number keys…nope looking at it now - no numeric keypad. Damn someone must have spiked my tea this morning; how can the elite wootsters be wrong?

This says it comes with 8gb ram. Is it safe to assume that’s two 4gb sodimms?

Are you allowed to return it since it’s defects are beyond refurbished?