HP Chromebook x360 11.6" Touch Convertible

What type of digital pen will work with this Chromebook?

Please stop advertising this as digitizer pen compatible. I bought this unit a couple months back and it is not. I now have a useless pen.

Hi there.

This chromebook is compatible with the HP x360 11 EMR Pen with Eraser.

Since this has no HDMI port, can you connect it to an external monitor or a projector? If you can, then how?

You would have to use a USB monitor. That assumes ChromeOS supports external monitors. I haven’t researched this.

I am a teacher, and I have hooked up many Chromebooks to an external monitor and projector via HDMI ports and using an HDMI to D-SUB adapter. I don’t know of any USB to HDMI or D-SUB adapters. Was going to buy and use in a math class for student’s to solve problems projected on a screen. Oh Well…
OH, just found one. I’ll research to see if it may work.