HP Compaq 2710p Core 2 Duo Business Tablet

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished HP Compaq 2710p Core 2 Duo Business Tablet, for $799.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x HP Compaq 2710p 1.06GHz Core 2 Duo 1GB DDR 80GB HDD Tablet

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This is a terrible “deal.” HP has a special right now that beats it. I have a tx2000 tablet and I love it, but I got mine new for the price of this one and mine has better specs.


If I didnt have a laptop that is exceptional I would totally get one for school and work

Wait… so it comes with Vista… with the option of downgrading to XP Pro? How does that work?

And the funny thing is, that’s the same wallpaper I’m currently using.

Tablets are teh epic crash and burn.

Under no circumstance would this be a good deal.

Theres no strange picture on the laptop. Oh wait. This is sellout. That’s normal… right?

For the specs, it ain’t that hot, but considering the size it is an okay deal for those that need an extra small notbook, without going micro-ish…

Comes with recovery DVDs, but no DVD reader? Is this correct?

Pretty small, only weighs 3.7lbs. Not a horrible deal but seems a little high

W T F?! I have that wallpaper too! Got it from interfacelift

Sellout.Selloff had some great strange pictures on all the TVs the other day…

I’m thinking they need a new frontpage image with oh, I don’t know, a LOLcat or some fraggle rock pasted on there.

The 2710p business tablet is not even remotely in the same class as the consumer-oriented tx series. These START at $1600 direct from HP and go up from there. The lowest priced refurbished one on the HP business outlet is $949 currently.

To elaborate a bit more. Intel processor vs AMD, thinner, nearly a pound lighter, active vs passive digitizer, etc. But as noted above, no onboard optical drive, so one has to keep that in mind. There are also various other differences in the details (including XP Pro downgrade on this one vs Vista-only on the tx). The two models are targeted at different markets.

Edit: Not to diminish the tx2500 since it’s also a good unit, but comparing the two on price just isn’t a fair comparison. With the tx2500 you’d get an onboard optical drive, likely more RAM, somewhat faster performance, and since it has a passive touch screen you can use your finger to navigate if you so desire. Main trade offs are more weight, arguably a bit lower build quality (the business models are designed for 3 year warranty), and you’d have to live with Vista.

1.06 gHz, did i read that right? what is this 2002??? no thanks!

I do use a hp compaq tc4400 at work and they are pretty decent, but my work one is running XP with 2.0 gHz…

is it me or is this thing way over priced with only 1gb of memory and a low end cpu?

I think you totally ruined Woot’s business for today. You should feel bad. : )

As was mentioned already, this is designed to be more of a thin and light notebook, while the one you linked to is a bit bulkier. Also, It starts at $900 after instant rebate, and that’s not including the $25 extra for bluetooth, so I don’t see where you get that it’s the same price. There’s also a $100 fee to upgrade to Vista Business, though most consumers would probably prefer Home anyway. It’s certainly more powerful and has more features though, and is likely more comfortable to run Vista on. The fact that this is refurbished might make it less desirable as well, though it comes with the same 1 year HP warranty.

The most important part to me is that the digitizer/pen is wacom. Anyone know? I can’t find the information.

I was thinking this was a horrible deal until I realized it was a touch screen lappy.

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