HP Compaq 6300 Intel i7 SFF Desktop

HP Compaq 6300 Intel i7 SFF Desktop

Is it i5 or i7? Does it have a 256GB solid state drive or does it have a 1TB SATA hard drive + 80GB solid state drive? Is the max memory 16 or 32? The description in the features doesn’t match the specs.


^^ waiting for the answer

My guess is to go by what the features / title say (i7, etc)

But, these things are going fast according the sales stats tab – in fact some Wooters are buying more than 3. Why not go ahead and make a purchase before there’re gone? You have 2 hours to cancel your order if no one from Woot responds…

Maybe they outsourced all of woot now. No response is unlike them

Hi all. Weekend delay.

It is i7, 256GB. The title and specs are correct