HP Compaq 6820s 2GHz 17” Widescreen Notebook

no thank you… next please

not enough power for me/



Will this clean my rain gutters?

HP Compaq laptop = never again in a million zillion years.


I mean. Awesome! Buy it all!

Hmmmm… Flamingos and a urinal…

Celeron dreck.

Celeron? Blechhh.

I Dont Need Anymore Laptops…Next


this does it, 5 am…

im going to bed!

why buy a crappy laptop when im on one!

someone buy 1 of each next woot and resell to me when i wake up. gnight.

if so, put me in for two!

Celeron? Uh… Nope.

Vista? Yarrrgh

whats with the crap woot!!!

next, i can get better

I took one for the team on that huge remote, but I’m not taking one for the team for this thing! :slight_smile:

Not bad for $500, 2gb ram too.

I want one… :grumbles: I need a new laptop.