HP Compaq 8100 Elite SFF Business PC Intel i5

This listing says “SSD” in the title", “SSD Hard Drive” (which doesn’t exist unless it’s a hybrid drive or SSHD, which I doubt) in the description, and lists an RPM value (for an HDD, not an SSD.) Someone want to clarify this?

Sorry for the confusion. This is a hard drive.

Description says it has a sixth generation i5 (6500) but HP lists this computer as coming with a first generation i5 (650). Which processor does this have?

The difference is a 2.5 year old processor or an 8 year old processor.

Ooh, good catch, I think you’re absolutely right. I thought it was odd that this would come with a Skylake CPU but was focused on the SSD/HDD error. Looking up this model number it is almost certainly an i5 650.

Thank you. It’s a i5-650.

What is the correlation between the item pictured, the item named, and the item described? I see an optical drive in the picture,
The description says no.
Which flying monkey is to be believed?

We have to use stock photos. Make sure you go by our specs.