HP Compaq 8710P 17” Business Notebook

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Refurbished HP Compaq 8710P 17” Business Notebook, for $699.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x HP Compaq 8710P 1.8Ghz/1GB/160GB/17” Business Notebook

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Do i get that cat too?!

A little slim on the specs for $699 but with XP it’s almost worth it…

Eww 17"! Nothing portable about that!

I would rather carry a HP Slimline in my back pack powered by the Black and Decker battery packs seen on Woot today that carry this thing around!


geez i was about to say, " WOW! That is one Ugly dog!" …then i realized that it’s actually a cat…i think

Wow, I’d happily pay HALF that for one of these!

Though I hear the siren song of XP, and I am weakening…

at least it has HDMI

Lowest priced refurbished 8710P on the HP Business Outlet currently is over $900. That’s with 1 Year warranty though, vs 90 days for this one. I think one can still buy an extended warranty if one is so inclined, but I’ve never tried it on a woot purchase so who knows.

Ummm. So, this laptop gets about a 90/100 from alatest reviewers. By my grading standards, that’s pretty close to an A. Not bad…

Yes, my sentiment exactly. Now to figure out how much XP drivers are really worth…

look how thin it is.
i wonder how much it weighs

great graphics card for this price notebook (especially for CAD and rendering)

I don’t think you n00bs understand what a potentially great deal this is for gamers and graphics designers. The NVS 320m is the equivalent of an 8700m GT gaming card. Couple that with a Core 2 Duo and you’ve got a great machine for 700 bucks. Only thing it needs is a RAM upgrade which can easily be done for cheap.

According to the HP website it weighs in at 7.55lbs and comes with a 8cell battery.
Full specs are here: http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF06a/321957-321957-64295-321838-3329741-3369264.html

I use one of these at work for CAD and they are great!. I have very infrequently found laptops that can run Pro-e well and this one does. I think alot of it has to do with the graphics card. On a side note we have been having problems with the batteries only lasting 20-30 mins after about 8 months of daily use of the machine.

It is probably not a bad deal if you are looking for a relatively compact desktop replacement workstation.

Hmm. 14.1" WXGA consumer class with onboard graphics vs 17" WSXGA business class with discreet graphics (among other things). Way to compare apples to watermelons.
Glad you’re happy with your purchase, but it’s useless for comparison purposes.

sigh I give up, it’s a lost cause. Carry right on comparing kumquats to zucchini.

What upgrades are possible for this model. Can you change out the CPU or is that not possible. Apparently it can handle up to 8GB of memory, so 4GB shouldn’t be too hard.

How about the hard drive. Install a new 250, 320 or 500GB 2 1/2" Sata drive?

Anyone know?

i have 3 gateway laptops and i will never own another bec the quality is poor…they simply wear out quickly under normal usage…i struggled with vista for over 6 months…it is like a dumbed down operating system compared to xp…i replaced all my vistas with xp and have been happy ever since…i am glad there is a place in the world for both of us. and for you people that say this is a bad deal, show me a comparison laptop for $700 that is 17 inch, dual core, with an hdmi output. show me.