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HP ENVY 700-210xt Desktop, Intel Core i7-3770 Quad-Core 3.4GHz, 1TB SATA, 16GB DDR3, BD-ROM, 802.11n, Bluetooth, Win8.1 shows 16gb ram (obviously in the title) and 32 gb of ram in the features. I’m confused! =P

Sorry for the confusion! We’ve fixed that up now!

1080p does not match your specs. on your laptops!

So the HP Chromebook 14 does NOT have the LIFETIME 4G / 200 MB like the one for sale the other day on woot!?

Our supplier was unable to confirm that this particular model benefited from the Lifetime offer. Basically, YMMV.

Thanks, but sorry to hear that. Unless that can be confirmed, I can’t pull the trigger on this. :frowning:

A question for my expert woot-ers:

What are the cons of getting the all-in one HP ($350+) models vs getting the CPUs for a similar price. I have a monitor already that I can use should I buy the CPU alone but the idea of less bulk for my home work space is very appealing.

I have no plans to upgrade the equipment so what am I sacrificing if I buy the AIO models? Your input would be much appreciated.

So what’s the difference between the M7-J020DX and the M7-J010DX (now apparently sold out) that makes it cost $30 more? Only difference I’m seeing is slightly different dimensions and a slightly different battery… Why would I pay $30 more for essentially the same thing?

The M7-J020DX has the anti-glare finish on the screen which is $30 more.

They both list an anti-glare finish in the product description…

I’ve seen this comparison before in past postings. Just went to the HP website to compare. Under “display”, the M7-J010dx doesn’t come with anti-glare screen…and it is listed at 1600x900. See for yourself…I incuded the web address below. Hope this helps…



Here is the write-up for the M7-J020dx…direct from the HP website. Under “display” it shows the anti-glare feature and it is listed at 1920x1080. See for yourself…the web address is below.



Wow, you’re right… Guess those who bought the M7-J010dx are in for a surprise. Thanks a bunch!

According to the official product website, all models get lifetime 4G now:
“NEW. 2 years upgraded to lifetime! Regardless of purchase date, your device has been upgraded to lifetime of free 4G! No action required by customers, upgrade is automatic. ***”


*** NOTE: some product box materials may not be updated with lifetime information due to the timing of the upgrade; however all devices with the HP/T-Mobile 4G program have been upgraded to lifetime.

So I think it’s a decent bet that this would qualify too.

So I’ve never bought a previously used computer before because I’ve always been afraid something would go wrong with it, but I’m wondering how this whole “factory reconditioned” thing works. It says there’s a 90 day warranty but if something happens after that, I’m on my own right? Should I look into buying an extended warranty just in case or should I expect it to be as good as a brand new computer? Any wooters have good or bad experiences with factory reconditioned computers they’d like to share? Thanks a bunch!

Can my 12-year-old daughter played Minecraft with this. She likes to download a lot of mods. Just wondering if it could keep up, or would she lose all her progress every time she turns it off. With the dual core chrome book that is.

The titles may be different but it looks like the specs are the same btw the 2 HP ENVY 700-229c desktop woots.

ENVY Intel Core i7, 12GB DDR3 Desktop for $679:
HP ENVY 700-229c Desktop, Intel Core i7-4770 Quad-Core 3.4GHz, 12GB DDR3, 2TB HDD + 16GB SSD, 802.11ac 2x2 Dual-Band, Bluetooth, Win8.1

ENVY Intel Core i7, 2TB SATA Desktop for $699:
HP ENVY 700-229c Desktop, Intel Core i7-4770 Quad-Core 3.4GHz, 12GB DDR3, 2TB HDD + 16GB SSD, 802.11ac 2x2 Dual-Band, Bluetooth, Win8.1

What’s the difference between the 2 than the price ($679 v $699)? Am i missing something?


Unless something changed recently, last I knew you couldn’t play minecraft on a chromebook directly - without installing linux on it. You might be able to play in the web-browser version of it, not sure, but that doesn’t let you do mods.

Check this out :slight_smile: