HP Core 2 Duo 17.3” Entertainment Laptop

Why must they always be refurbished?

Oh how funny! My pops was asking me to check online for a new laptop for him today. This is nice but it is out of the price range. I found an even better deal though… hehe. Woot needs to have coupon codes for the cool underground cult members to make this a sweeter deal.

No actual video card? Refub (Rox0rz)?

Hmm… Maybe I’ll recommend it to someone I would like to sell computer repair services to!

I’ve always bought refurbished and you can never even tell. Looks brand new - I’m not sure what qualifies things as refurbished.

Because Woot! is indeed not a magical warehouse run by rich tycoons who are allergic to money.

Product Website

Anyone know how long a 6-cell battery would last in a system like this with a Core 2 Duo? I’m assuming nothing close to my netbook with a 6-cell which gets about 6.5-7 hrs.

quite the contrary… I hear they have an Olympic sized swimming pool filled with heated or chilled cash depending on the season. And all the water fountains are actually beer fountains.

Refurbished just means someone used it for a bit and returned it. Sometimes they had to fix something, though not necessarily.

does this one have the same overheating issues that so many other HP’s have?

No Bluetooth?

Here’s a review at PCMag

and some stuff from CNET

They mustn’t, merchants such as Best Buy have plenty of un-refurbished products…at new prices.

I have an HP similar to this one. With a full charge, I get about 2.5 to 3 hours. It just depends on what your doing. It all depends on how you manage the system. If I’m sitting in my 3 hour class, it lasts the entire time because I have the screen brightness turned all the way down and I have the screen turn off after 1 minute of inactivity. If I’m on an airplane watching a full screen movie, 2 hours would be pushing it.

Verdict: For $500 this deal is amazing.

*T6600 is pretty old, but will pretty much kick anything AMD got. This is a very good and solid processor. Would be nicer to get an i{3,5,7}, but eh.
*17.3” Screen. I got the exact same screen (down to everything), and it’s pretty great. Very bright, very usable in even moderate sunlight. Viewing angles are not that great, but it’s bright! Also, it’s pretty glossy, and you can see your reflection in it with enough light, but it still doesn’t bother much.
*4GB of memory, pretty standard nowadays. Don’t dream of getting 8, it will cost you an arm and a leg ($200+)
*320GB is a lot unless you are storing HD movies. Then it’s very few. This will fit quite a lot of games and movies.
*Integrated 10/100 LAN. It’d be great to have gigabit… shrugs. With gigabit you hit the speed of your harddrive (70MB/s), and 100megabits is only 10MB/s. So if you need to transfer a lot of data using cable… well…
*Intel n is nice. if you got a router that supports n that is ;).
*Numeric keypad is not that great, but full keyboard definitely is.
*Win7,64Bit is expected. Home means http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_7_editions . Shouldn’t matter much.
*Intel GMA 4500MHD. Bye bye gaming on linux. Oh wait, it’s an intel card so bye bye gaming in general. It will play non source HL without problems though. It will play source on low/medium settings.

For gaming: forget it. Go for an $800 notebook with a better video card.

For programming: great! T6600 will work nicely.

For viewing movies: You should be able to do 720 no problem. 1080 is still doable, especially if you get the CoreAVC codecs.

For general use: eh, it’s big, but it’s lacking a bit in power. T6600 is nice, but programming likes 4cores better. Also video card is slow.

Let’s get obligatory with it. Can that Intel card do any amount of gaming?

I think ShadowPhoenix covered this well, but the Intel integrated graphics are pretty crappy. Think casual games or older games, and almost everything with the settings and resolution lowered.

The T6600 is merely average in terms of processing power. Average for the last generation, which is being phased out right now.

the short answer is NO

check out this link

any of the graphic intense newer games from say 2005 and on will be difficult to play on this thing.

this ain’t yo mama’s netbook.
That 17" screen screams desktop-replacement. (eats up that used/refurb battery)

Maybe if they included a bluray drive…but no thanx!!