HP & Dell Desktops

The XPS 8700 that is cheaper by $100 is just plain better. All things equal with the more expensive except two things…

The cheaper one has a easily better GPU (but does take more power). The cheaper one has built in 802.11 AC wireless where the more expensive one only goes to 802.11n.

The pricing should be reversed on these models.

Come on Woot.
Refurbs for a total of $60 off from new at HP.
And with a $25 coupon I have, down to just $35.
Where is the savings?

HP ENVY Phoenix 810-109 Desktop, Intel Core i7-4770K

The pricing is right. One computer is new and the other is a factory re-conditioned.

Ahhhh…good catch. I am just so used to refurbs on here.

I highly recommend the Dell XPS8700. I own a refurbed Dell XPS9100 and have had it for 3 yrs without a problem. I would recommend, however, if you want an extended warranty on it go to Dell to get one. My computer before this one was also a refurbed Dell and the one time I had an issue they had a replacement part to me in two days.

I have a refurb XPS8500 from here…going on two years. Going strong. Tryping on it right now.

Received my HP ENVY 700-229c. So far so good… running well. Pretty quick, no major issues except one.

It said in the description “16GB mSATA SSD for fast Windows booting… blah blah”. There’s a few problems. 1) Windows is NOT installed on that disk!!! 2) The drive is not recognized by explorer (device manager sees it, but you can not assign a drive letter). Basically i have a 16gb SSD that’s sitting inside only sucking electricity and otherwise wasting space.

So I didn’t figure that out until I had about 80% of the applications I wanted installed… and 100% of the ones I didn’t want uninstalled (HP Bloatware).

Not sure if anyone from Woot is still reading this after the sale… I’ll email customer service when I get a chance.

anyone have any thoughts?