HP & Dell: Getting Down To Business

I use a Dell Precision M4800 nearly every day for work. I’m a field service engineer and travel 300 days a year, so any computer I have must be robust. I’ve had this laptop for about a year now. It has a slightly faster cpu (i7-4800), next lower gpu (AMD Fire Pro), the full HD display, and came with 8GB ram and a 500GB hybrid hdd. I added 16Gb of 1866Mhz ram, a 256GB ssd and a 750GB spinning drive for storage.

Once Dell fixed a BIOS issue, it’s been rock solid. It is powered on 11+ hours a day in very dusty environments without an issue. I use AutoCAD daily, Inventor once a week, and office productivity software as well with no issues ever. It runs games once in a while with no trouble either. Mine was $1599 new from Dell without any of the upgrades I purchased, so this is a good price.

It is bulky and heavy, but my laptop bag weighs over 20 lbs without the computer in it anyways so I do not notice the weight. It easily fits in regional jet overhead bins with the right case, and under airline seats as well. This will not win any style competitions, but in my mind makes it less of a threat if left unattended on the job for a few hours.

The Dell business stuff is generally built to a higher level than the consumer lines, and this is no different. It is a tank! But in a good way! I’m very satisfied with the computer, best I’ve ever owned including full towers.

If anyone purchases one, make sure to update all the drivers and BIOS!

Good to read your experience. I have a Dell business pc running xeon processers, and yes, they are built much better than their consumer line.