HP Deskjet F340 All-in-One Printer, Copier, Scanner

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HP Deskjet F340 All-in-One Printer, Copier, Scanner
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 HP Deskjet F340 All-in-One Printer, Copier, Scanner

Nice printer copier scanner. Decent price as well.

HP makes GOOD Printers… crappy PC’s.

Buy three! It’s cheaper than the ink refills!

This is cheaper than the ink

Color Ink Cartridge
Black Ink Cartridge

If the deal lasts till the afternoon, I’m in for the price. Must cash in my lotto tickets and make a quick deposit.

Girlfriend has this printer, works pretty well.

looks like a good deal but Im finding out that these ink cartridges only last ~100-150 copies even at the low quality draft setting. I’m not sure what to base this on regarding if its low or high but still 150 can’t be that good.

ink is actually 15 bucks so its actually not cheaper.

Normally I have faith in HP printers, but this seems to be getting really bad reviews. Who knows though, at this price it might actually still be a workable buy for a low-volume print need (you can always just refill the cartridges instead of replacing them).


From what I have read, the refill cartridges give 150 printed pages. If you buy genuine cartridges you will do alot better! NEVER buy the remanufactured cartridges, you get less ink and usually a lesser quality ink also. You can get genuine HP cartriges on eBay for around 15.00 but make sure they list the expiration date for the cartridges if you want to buy them from eBay.

I’d say it’s a good deal for this unit!

This is a decent piece of equipment. I’ve been using one pretty frequently since November '06 and have had no issues with it in that time.

I have a similar HP printer. The ink carts are EASY to refill, as refilling carts goes.

If you’ll go through the hassle of refilling, you can refill these carts about 5 times and save a lot of cash. After five refills they start to print visibly fuzzy.

It will do very good quality photo prints on good photo paper. It’s not the fastest but it is inexpensive and good quality.

Not if you buy genuine cartridges from a retail store.

it actually has decent ratings.


These use HP 21 and HP 22 Ink Cartridges that only contain 5 milliliters of ink, so unless you print very infrequently or just need it primary for scanning, I’d skip this deal.

Here’s a review also… http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/203299/product_review_hp_deskjet_f340_allinone.html?cat=15

And some dude saying how this is one of the better printers… http://www.buy.com/videoclip/hp-deskjet-f340/17398.html

Take it for what its worth!


I have had this printer for almost 2 years now and I have used all of the functions( print, copy, scan). It works well for everything I need it to do. I have only changed the black ink twice and havent changed the color ink at all( haven’t done much color printing). I am a gamer and used it most often for printing character sheets either from eTools or generic char sheets from pdf. Using the fast draft setting I have used at least 1 full pack of paper between cartridge changes. Reliable for everyday use great for kids school papers. Most probably already know this but HP will not support network setup for it. I use Philips PSL 1014 USB 2.0 Auto Sharing Switch( I picked up a pair of them at thingfling for$6 shipped) to share it between 2 PCs and haven’t had any problems with it … well except when my roommate puts stuff on the paper lol then it get hung up lol :slight_smile: YMMV
It really is bad in a way that yes it is cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy a set( black and color) of new ink cartridges for it…Our poor landfills :frowning:

This is a GREAT everyday printer for a family. I’ve had a version of this in my home for years and have had great luck with it. Ink is really easy to refill and the thing never jams. I’ve needed support a couple of times and HP has been great!

Watch the software! It’s a huge file, filled with bloat. You can go to the HP website and download just the drivers for the printer, fax and scanner which will keep the thing from putting all kinds of crap on your PC.

But it’s a great printer!

“it uses HP-21 black ($15) and HP-22 tricolor ($18)”
got it from one of the review sites.

Anyone know if it’s compatible with any wireless print servers?

doesnt come with the usb cables. a minor issue but still