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My computer has been telling me I might have a counterfeit version of Windows 7 (I DON’T) and I lost the bootup disc of course… I wonder if thise would fix that? Or if I would be unable to upgrade because of it.

Anyone have any ideas?

I don’t believe these will help with your issue. You really need to find your widows 7 key and reactivate. Otherwise, when you use this windows 8 upgrade, you will have the same issue with it telling you that you have a counterfeit copy. Sometimes the key can be found as a sticker somewhere on the computer. It’s about the size mailing address sticker with green colors and a strip of hologram. If you find it, then right click “my computer”, click properties, and then at the bottom it will guide you through the activation (you likely know this stuff, but I figure being thorough is never a bad thing).

However, if there’s no such sticker, there are still other ways. You can contact Microsoft support for the problem and using your computers information they can likely help you out. There are also programs which can detect the key used to install windows onto the computer via decryption.

But in closing… No the upgrade thingy won’t help with the Your windows is a fake!!! Ahhh!!!"

Go through the activation process, but use phone activation. Phone activation works crazy good, and you talk to a robot, not some annoying human.

Always wondered if anyone had ever used the phone method with success haha

With a new NIC I was successfully able to turn one of the AMD A10 boxes into an ESXI home lab network server. 100% worth the cost for what amounted to 400 bux to run entire /24s of VMs.

I missed the computer I wanted AGAIN. Guess it’s not meant to be. I figured it I buy one that I kind a wanted, it would do. It would save my $$$ not building one, plus a 150 miles one way for the parts.

One of the HP i7s has a K processor… that is an unlocked (able to be overclocked) processor. At $700 that is a steal! Of course you need to know what you are doing with it…

Edit: added a link to intel’s info page on the processor

I bought one of these reconditioned HP desktops last time they were on sale and saved like $250 compared to buying new from Bestbuy. That being said the machine came with one stick of 8gb DDR3 RAM, so it doesn’t take advantage of dual channel memory. I would still buy again though, you can’t even build a comparable machine for this price if you have add on the cost of buying Windows 8.

These HP machines came with very little bloatware. Mine had a copy of Norton, and some lame HP music/entertainment software. Easy to uninstall and after that I had a clean machine.

That’s why I don’t want to build one. Just the motherboard and CPU will run about that.
Well, about 150-200 cheaper if you are a thrifty shopper. And yes, I’ll be starting from scratch, not less I can use laptop parts…LOL

OK, so I bought the 2TB one with AMD processor and the wireless keyboard/mouse. It’s now sold out but I just noticed (sales stats) that I was the first…and last wooter on this deal. So, if my kindergarten math is right, a grand total of ONE of these units was up for sale. This seems weird to me… Why bother listing one? Isn’t that what eBay is for? Anyway…

Yes. More then once. However, office 2013 has given me issues :wink:

As far as the machine goes though, 16gb max did it for me. I run various virtual machines. It wouldn’t take long to pull this machine to it’s knees. If it wasn’t for the 16gb max (the wimpy powersupply doesn’t help but you can change that), I’d consider it. Not a bad price till you look under the hood.

Yes, I have the older i7-2600k and after adding water cooling, I’ve pushed it and the video card (ATI HD7850) up a few knotches so you do see some gain. But nothing worth the possible early death of doing so. Running at a cool 3.4ghz (cpu). Video, well, the fans start making noise when overclocked so didn’t see any big gain there ether so it’s back to norm. Maybe I have a bad fan.

How good are these? Been looking for a new computer to play battlefield on

I’ve used the phone method, and yes it works. A little annoying and takes time, but it works.

@kmashaney, I agree with others - calling to do the activation by phone should fix your issue.

But note that even legit Win7 PC’s recently got burned by a Microsoft patch that was intended to snag illegal copies. Seems the patch did not take into account those legit volume licenses and inactivated a huge bunch of installations. I believe the patch number ended in something like xxxx1033.

WHY are all your stinking computers Windows 8?! I don’t WANT Win8! Sell me a Win7 machine and I will buy the crap out of it!

Would any of these be good for gaming? My hubby plays WoW and some other game (World of Tanks?) and he has been looking for a new computer. I, however, have no idea what would be a good buy. Any suggestions?

Yes, the Quad Core ones starting with the 329.99 one would work just fine for that.

I have had Win 8 since it was available as a pre release program. I hated it, but it is faster than 7,AND since I have the 8.1 upgrade, works like 7, except faster. But I did have to put in my own macros to do that, and have experience since I bought my first pc when the IBM pc was introduced in late 70s or early 80s.