HP Desktop Shoppe

Get used to it. Microsoft isn’t going back. New computers will come with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Have you guys seen a TV card in any of these? I want to replace a TV monitor in the kitchen with an all in one that has computer access…but I never seem to find one!

btb601 - LOVE your graphic!!!

@sharklovers, of the three all-in-once PC’s currently available, the following one has a TV tuner:


  1. Please stop with the whining.
  2. It is not an accurate accusation:

@Adelas, Woot is eagerly awaiting your order.

Thank you very much!!!

If I didn’t have to pay $60 in freaking tax I would snatch one up.

fuck me

missed it again T_T

Ill never get a new computer.