HP Desktops Again

Question about upgrading. We would need an HDMI connection and I see that we can get a videocard with HDMI slot for pretty cheap, around $30. The only concern is the power supply. The cards all need a min 300 watts and the unit has 65. Can we upgrade the power supply too? What about something like this? http://www.microcenter.com/product/318189/HERCULES_400_Watt_Micro_PS3_ATX_Power_Supply

There are six different computers on this offer, you’ll need to say which one you are asking about.

About the HP ENVY 700-049, they have changed the motherboard from Pegatron on previous models to Foxconn. That’s why it only has two memory card slots now instead of four. Have to conclude that it’s a downgrade.

This one.
HP Pavilion 110-014 Desktop PC, AMD Fusion E1-1500 Dual-Core, 4GB DDR3, 500GB SATA, Radeon HD 7310, Win 8

BEWARE!!! Just have to say that I bought the HP ENVY 23-C055, and I was sent a computer with a dent on the metal section (which wasn’t a big deal) and that’s IT!!!

First of all, it had a sticker on it that said Corei5. But then there wasn’t any power cord, no keyboard, no remote, no mouse. I mean…I couldn’t even turn on the machine to see if I received the right computer!

They only offered me $30 off the price to compensate for the missing parts. So, I suspect anyone buying the HP ENVY 23-C055, you’re probably going to get the one that I returned.

It’s a scam…they’ll promise you that everything’s in there and do the same thing just watch.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Nope, there’s no expandability options with that one at all. You can add another stick of ram in there, but no additional slots for PCIe cards

Wow, that is a stripped down computer. It doesn’t even have an internal power supply. No slots for expansion cards. One empty memory card slot. It’s mostly an empty box. Sort of like they took the internals from a cheap laptop and put them in a desktop box. I strongly advise you to not buy this computer.

The specs listed for that computer under “Expansion Slots and Bays” are incorrect.

Props to Woot for recognizing that their constant pedaling of this junk is getting comical.

Does anyone know whether the Envy 700-049 has any 6-pin PCI-e power connectors on its’ power supply?

I zoomed in on the image but can’t see any present. If it doesn’t have 6-pin connectors, it means it would have very few upgrade options for the GPU!

Agreed - I’m not seeing any either after following all of the cables.

I guess it just means you’d need to get a new PSU as well as the GPU if you wanted to upgrade heavily.

Okay, I’m looking at the AIO 23’ Dual Core, and it says it comes with Office 2010- or that you can purchase it. I plan on purchasing the windows 7 professional upgrade, should I install Office 2010 and then upgrade to professional, or vice versa.

And what I’m looking at:
HP Pavilion 23-1016 All-in-One PC, 23" Full HD, AMD A6-5400K, 4GB DDR3, 500GB SATA, USB 3.0, Radeon HD 7540D, 802.11n, W7HP

And the upgrade

In general, you want to upgrade your operating system while it’s in its “best” state (that is, before you install anything).

I’m unclear why you would need to install Office, though - if you have a full version of Office 2010 that you want on this computer, the only thing you should need to do is put in your product key for Office, since Office Starter is already installed.

Yes, what he said.

This thing is just sad. Really for an extra $100 you can get a far better computer that actually has usefully parts. There is nothing in this thing. As far as I can tell it probably uses a laptop style external power supply. There’s no expansion capability besides another stick of RAM.

I wouldn’t even trust this to browse the internet properly.

Anyone buying this is literally throwing their money away.

Wrong. Hundreds of video cards will work just fine in this computer. If you want to put in a massive 200 watt dual slot gaming video card, of course you’re going to have to add a second dedicated power supply for the video card. And at least one more case fan to handle the heat load. That’s routine standard practice.

Thanks for the info. Very helpful. I am going to go over to Microcenter to pick up what I need.

I am working on one of the HP 110-014’s right now and it is utter shite. The CPU is soldered to the motherboard so you can’t swap it out. The motherboard only supports single channel DDR3-1333(max). This E1-1500 CPU is a toned down laptop CPU and has no purpose being in a desktop. Period.

The system itself is mind numbingly slow and mostly unresponsive. It took six HOURS to install what few Windows 8 updates are available. It also refuses to upgrade to Windows 8.1. It can’t even run the lowest quality youtube videos without significant stuttering and choppyness, VOIP applications such as Skype are also terrible.

I ran AMD’s driver/chipset installation to get their most recent drivers and it didn’t help. In fact, Windows Update insisted on installing its own Radeon driver which caused the system to fail to boot. It has taken 9 hours so far to “reset” windows back to factory specs.

This computer is an embarrassment, avoid it like the plague.

If anyone is interested in further details, here is the product description page. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/product?cc=us&dlc=en&docname=c03727139&lc=en&product=5365282

Are you still talking about the HP Pavilion 110-014?

No amount of parts will improve it. There’s simply no way in that machine. If you look at the pictures there’s no expansion slot on the MB and the rear panel is just one solid piece, you cant remove the cut out to add in anything. There is literally nothing you can do to improve this.

If you talking about buying another computer altogether then nevermind