HP Desktops & All-in-Ones

For the HP ENVY Phoenix 810-160 Desktop, it says HDMI and DVI for video output, but in the specs under rear ports, I only see DVI ports, no HDMI…does this have HDMI, and if so how many?

There is indeed HDMI- we’ve updated our sale to reflect that, too.

Re: HP ENVY 700-430QE Desktop, Intel Core i7 3.5ghz 32gb - should be $699, $819 is only 18% off MSRP $999 for a REFURB w/ 90-day warranty?!? 32gb RAM sounds great but only 1TB HDD? I’d be in if price dropped a hundred, HDD = 2TB, had dual DVI monitor capabilities, and a 1 year warranty…otherwise take your chances buying this REFURB PC which might be too costly to fix if it dies > 90+ days after purchase…