HP Desktops & All-in-Ones

Got the HP Pavilion 19-2114 19.5" All-in-One for $249.95 last time on Woot and I just finished editing a (radio) 1 hour pre-recorded show I do each week (and get paid for it).

Despite the perhaps legitimate comments last time from gamers and apparent power users that it is “S-L-O-W,” it works for me.

For the price I have a big screen for editing waveforms with Abobe Audition, can update my website, upload the the show to the stations and watch movies on Netflix.

The nice screen makes my audio editing faster, so I figured the unit paid for itself very fast in time saved. It’s also quiet enough that I can plug in my Blue Yeti USB mic for adding a sentence or two directly when needed.

Gaming? Dunno. Movie editing? Dunno. But for a nice unit at a Chromebook price, it’s a winner for me.