HP Desktops & AOC Monitors

All right, geniuses: is it fair to assume that overall performance comparison on these scales with price?

I don’t care about hard disk size, but want to run a media server and be able to simultaneously do surfing, run office tools, and some video capture (via USB) and editing.

Somebody make a chart!

I do some video editing at work and I find that “business” PCs are not set up for video editing.

They seem to share OS memory with video memory, where dedicated video editing machines have as much (if not more) memory on the video card for rendering than the PC has!

On business machines, it seems that, with a lot of video being processed, it sucks so much OS “shared” memory that the unit becomes unpredicatable and even freezes.

Perhaps someone more involved in video editing can add to or correct what I wrote.

Would one of the all-in-one units be a good Desktop PC for my 5 yr old to play games on that I can use for basic surfing, web based classes and word processing? Nice idea to get everything I need for that price.

My last seven PCs have been HP, refurbed, and (after the first couple which I found at Costco.com), bought from Woot.com.
When I was done with them, I gave or sold them to someone else.
By choice, I sit at a PC 12 hours a day, and these HP uits are my choice.

I’m thinking about a desktop for my t(w)eenagers, mainly for games. Is the $349 one suitable? Seems that processor and RAM is plenty (were not going for state-of-the-art here) but is the video card OK (I know nothing about video cards). I think they play Minecraft, Spore, and Call of Duty if that helps. Thanks!!

HP Pavilion P6-2317C Desktop, AMD A6-5400K Dual-Core 3.6GHz, 8GB DDR3, 1TB SATA, USB 3.0, Radeon HD 7540D, 802.11n, Win 8

No HDMI Out? Desktop manufacturers need to get with the times. HDMI has been around for a loooong time…

On a refurb, would it be worth buying the Square Deal Warranty? Seems a good deal @ $349, not sure at $400.

I wouldn’t recommend this PC for playing Call of Duty, might want to check with the teen/tween that plays that game before giving them this gift! At least see if it meets the minimum requirements for that game, if not, maybe that kid can pay the difference!

As far as these desktops go I would recommend go with the HP Pavilion P7-1430 Desktop, AMD A10-5700 Quad-Core 3.4GHz if you plan on buying one. It has the best specs and is the lowest compared to the remaining desktops. It comes wiht a graphics card. Even though it is low ending it should be able to satisfy those with any needs except for gaming. IF you are a gamer I recommend checking out Ibuypower or Cyberpower for gaming rigs if you don’t know how to build one yourself and wants to be cost effective or getting parts and going to a fry’s or a local store. One wrong move and you could potentially mess up any wrong parts.

Would not recommend an all in one computer even at a low price. If something goes wrong instead of replacing a part you could potentially have to replace the whole thing. Yeah you could send it to the manufacture, but it takes weeks/months too repair.

If you ever have a question like this, google search the video card, there are usually videos of gameplay.

That shows gameplay of Battlefield 3, which is much more graphically intensive, so call of duty should be fine.

Though if you would eventually want to upgrade to something beefier, you would need to replace the powersupply as well.

The E1800 will NOT do all that, its roughly equal to an Intel Atom on the CPU with a more powerful GPU baked in, similar to the Atom+Nvidia ION combo. This would be good for VERY basic tasks, web surfing, watching a movie, but that’s about it.

For what you are describing you really need a quad core if you want to do all that at once, video capture is pretty CPU intensive unless you are using a capture box with built in encoding but those are pretty expensive.

Just remember that all of the AMD E series are really netbook chips, they just started putting them into desktops and laptops when the netbook craze died.

Well, for an $80 Monitor, I’m going to get this and try and wedge a Raspberry Pi into the base, somehow.

Take out the DVI connector and direct-wire the HDMI out from the Pi to it, and find a 5V rail somewhere to power the Pi. If I can leave the ethernet and 2xUSB from the Pi exposed, I’ll have a really neat internet terminal!

Pictures will be posted!

Is there some reason you wouldn’t just use a simple HDMI to DVI cable?

Shame they do not include a 3 dollar DVI to HDMI adptor, eh?

Are refurbished computers safe? I always worry that these refurbed units are goign to either:

  1. Fail quickley

  2. have spyware on them that will stal my information when I log into my various accounts

Anybody have any inputs on this?


Hp refurbishing info.

I would not worry about malware on these, as they should be set up with a fresh install of windows. However, all the hp computers I have gotten have had a considerable amount of bloatware(Extra software installed by the manufacturing company). Removing it can be a chore, so you may want to purchase your own copy of windows to install.

Lastly, from the product info page, HP guarantees these for 90 days.


Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your order.
If you’re experiencing problems with your HP computer, I recommend that you contact HP Support to see if they can remedy the issue.

If it’s an AOC monitor, you can reach AOC at http://us.aoc.com/support/technical_support

If they’re unable to help, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at support@woot.com

Unfortunately my all-in-one is giving me the Blue Screen of Death out of the box. I’m on the phone with HP who is telling me that my computer is out of warranty. Just a heads up, I’m on hold to get a supervisor now.