HP Desktops & AOC Monitors

Lots of good specs on the HP ENVY H8-1417C. 3 out of 8 reviews from one of the warehouse retailers said the computer was DOA out of the box. They must have got a batch of bad components. If you’re lucky, the repaired one has had the bad part replaced. If you’re unlucky, you’ve got a time bomb.

about the AOC E1649FWU 16" USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor.

Brightness and Contrast pretty good. Definitely ok for viewing photo and text. Single USB connector for power and video is sweet. BUT… The brightness, contrast, and color are all non adjustable. For the office it’s ok, for evening work at home it’s a little too bright. Color tends toward blue (cold). It works in Portrait mode which is convenient when reading documents on the side.

Price is OK. I got it for $10 less on sale at another site.

I noticed that Woot just extended this from 9am CT June 21 to 9am Ct June 24. The reason these are not selling is because the pricing is poor. You can get the exact same refurbished machines from other places for the same or less. (Much less, since a lot of the other places don’t charge sales tax and have free shipping.) Woot needs to knock a bit off the pricing if they want these to fly out the door.

I can’t agree more… I was in the market on Thursday for a new desktop. Found these and they served my purpose. But, after taxes and shipping the cost was $30 more. I went to NewEgg and got an HP Refub with same specs for $435, s/h and tax free. I like woot, but that doesn’t mean I should waste an extra $25-30.