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If these had Windows 7 I’d buy one in a minute. Can I do a clean install of Windows 7 on one of these and everything will still work? (i.e. Wireless,Sound card,Video Card…etc.)

Question, I already purchased but I noticed something on the Envy for 469$. In the title it states its has the Eyefinity Radeon HD 7570 graphic card while in the features it states it has a Radeon HD 6310 card.

You used to could. I’m sure you still can. But I think the pro/ultimate or whatever has a charge.

I used to feel the same way about Windows 8 until I bought one of these Envy pcs....With Stardocks Start8 installed(a $5 download),you can hardly notice the difference from Windows 7,except that it runs and responds MUCH quicker.

You absolutely can, though the process is a little more involved.

Windows 8 locks down your BIOS, so you’ll need to boot into Windows 8 once in order to get access to it.

The instructions are a bit too much to include here, so here’s a link for your reference:

Good luck!

Do any of these AIO PCs have a VESA complaint mount?

I’m always pretty disappointed in listings for these types of computers - I can never tell if these things have optical audio out (sometimes in the 3.5mm jack like macs). I run into a lot of them where its not listed and I find a really obscure post that it is, but no way to confirm.

Does anyone know if the HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034 desktop with the Intel G2020 has it?

If you look on the Specs of each, you’ll see an entry for “Wall Mountable”.

If you see it missing from one, just holler.

If you go to HP’s support site


and type in the model number of the computer, it will give you more information than you ever wanted, right down to schematics of the motherboard.

WOW…Too labor intensive with no guarantee of results. I’m out. But thanks for the info.

Just a curious Wooter here. I bought one of these PC’s on Monday October 21st around 10AM. My order still hasn’t shipped yet. How long do PC orders typically take to be shipped out? I’m without a home PC at the moment so I’m dying for it to arrive.

The sale page gives you an estimate of when it will ship out. For yours, it said it would ship out in 3-5 business days. This is the 2nd day after your order. Hang tight. Sorry about your computer state. :frowning:

I bought an HP Envy H8-1414 in late June…I placed the order on Monday.Although the shipping status on the website was never updated(making me think it had not shipped),it actually arrived on Friday…So approximately 4 days…Hope this helps.

What shape did the PC show up in? Please don’t say rectangle.

rectangular prism.

SON OF A GUN. Punched a circular hole in the wall.

It looked like a brand new one out of the box ,even still had the protective film on the gloss black surfaces…Still looks new and performs flawlessly.Would DEFINITELY recommend!

Id say the integrated video 6310 graphics listed in the features section is a typo...Almost all Envy pcs come with a dedicated(or discrete) graphics card…I have the H8-1414 that I purchased from Woot in late June…It has the Radeon HD7450 graphics(NOT integrated)…Hope this helps.

So sad :frowning: I always miss these epic sales on a mediocre gaming pc for the kids.

Till next time!