HP Desktops & Printers

Any suggestions on which hp has most bang for the buck?

I want to add a TV tuner to record TV shows. Which of these would be best for this purpose?
Or would any of them work?

As a factory refurbished, do these still have the backup/os partition intact? (so Windows could be backed up and recovered, if needed)

Any of these are WAY MORE than capable of the computing power you require for adding a TV tuner to record TV shows (in fact you can use a $200 mini-PC for that purpose). What these computers appear to lack (if you are interested in it) is Windows Media Center (the interface for viewing, recording, etc). You would have to upgrade the OS to Windows 8 Pro Pack for $100 in order to get that (but there are also free alternatives available that can offer similar or better functionality when properly set up, like XBMC).

Really hard to say… I’m thinking the extra 1 TB of storage is worth the premium for me… but if you have network storage probably not.

What are you looking for? All around machine? Upgrades in the future? Games? Processing power? Etc.

If that is too much if you can answer a few simple questions…

  1. Would you play games (not solitare)…but game, games?

  2. Do you do any work that involves a computer heavily? If so, what?

  3. Would you ever look into upgrading the parts inside yourself?

With those it would be easier to point you in the right direction.

YES! I bought this exact model (HP-H8-1414)from Woot about two months ago…The recovery partition IS there for recovering the pc and also for making recovery discs…Also,My machine has had ZERO problems…it has never even hiccupped …not even once…I am VERY pleased with it.

Girrr… why don’t they put ethernet on these printers instead of wifi?

Looking for a machine to do Lightroom, little photoshop, and possibly some minor video editing. Would also like to be able to play Diablo 3 and possibly Starcraft. Any suggestions? Currently running dual monitors so needs to have ability to do that.

The Windows 8 Pro Upgrade is only $76 on amazon. So only about 10-15 Off.

I wanted an over all well made box.

Possibly some gaming…

Photoshop and some video editing

Run residential security equipment

Possibly upgrade in the future and not have to get another pc for a while.

I was thinking the h8 that’s $579 or is that over kill? Next choice is the p7-1467c

The last time they had these a few weeks ago we established (to our own satisfaction anyway) that the best machine here is the H8-1513c, for $579. That’s the one that sold out first. A close second is a near identical machine, the H8-1417c, for $649. Don’t ask why it’s more expensive than the first one, because nobody knows. Those two are distinctly better than any of the others.

Among the rest, it might be interesting to hear an opinion on the merits of the AMD FX-6120 CPU plus Radeon HD 7450 graphics card, vs. the AMD Trinity A10-5700 APU with integrated Radeon HD 7660D graphics. If I were buying, I would want to compare those two. But those are both still lesser machines with 300W power supplies.

The H8 (1513). Easily.

The 6-8 core CPU’s will get better with time as games/programs start utilizing more cores.

If you were going to upgrade the PSU and GPU in the future I would get the FX series. Also, the new FX line is supposed to stay with that socket compatibility (another plus). The newest generation APU’s already came out (same socket set as the A10-5700 as well)…just FYI.

Looking to make the purchase ASAP. Can someone tell me the main differences between these two models:

HP ENVY H8-1417C
HP ENVY h8-1513c

From what I can see, the main differences are the video card and also the sound. Can you please elaborate on this?

The 1513 (which is cheaper) advantages:

Faster RAM (speed) *according to the specs on Woot.

Better GPU

Everything else is the same (motherboard, processor, power supply, etc.) or neglibile (audio). IMO, it is FOOLISH to get the 1417 if the 1513 is avilable.

I didn’t see any that still have Windows 7 in them. I have 7 & 8 now and I despise 8.

Can anybody tell me what the difference between base T hookup and ethernet is .
I have a desktop which I connect using the ethernet is the Base T hookup doable ?

If anyone is considering the HP ENVY H8-1414 model, it’s only $20 more over on TigerDirect: