HP Desktops & Printers

Ours is Factory Reconditioned and warrantied by HP.

That one is a refurb too…

“TT” would it be possible to feature a duplex printer??? I have an HP one. It requires baby siting feeds, but the output is fine. They can even take their name off every references to “HP”. I don’t mind.

Erm, this is kind of an odd question to ask. The short answer is that there’s really no question here, your current hardware will suffice and you’re getting confused with related terminology. The slightly longer explanation is that “Ethernet” is an umbrella term for a family of related wired networking technologies but any modern application is going to refer to either Fast or Gigabit Ethernet, which are also referred to as 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T, respectively.

sorry, i misread orig post

Why do all of these desktops we see have bottom of the barrel graphics cards?

I just want to play StarCraft2 on high settings.

So, can you put a better graphics card in each of these? I would assume so, but it’s been years since I had a desktop. I know they are often integrated now. Not sure how that affects upgrade.

They have these graphics cards because they’re cheap parts and good enough for 95% of buyers. If you want a gaming computer pull out your credit card and pay $1200 or so.

There is no better or worse…it all depends on what you are going to do with it. As one reply stated if you need storage then the 2Tb hard drive would be good. If you want to use it for more intense graphics (like gaming) then the 1Gb dedicated RAM to the graphics card might be attractive. Do you need one that does more intense processing for such things as CAD (as an example)? Then the 6-core system would likely be your best solution. First rule of computer consulting is, “What does the customer want to do with it?” You then build the solution based on that.

Certainly. That’s one huge advantage of a desktop over laptop - especially a tower system like this. Plenty of opportunity to add whatever you wish: Drives, RAM, graphics and/or video cards, etc. The integrated components can be disabled in the BIOS if necessary but that’s not always necessary. Sound, for example, you just plug in your speakers to the upgraded/installed sound card instead of the integrated.

For only 90 days?

Why are AMD machines so much cheaper than Intel ones? AMD 6-core is cheaper than Intel Ci5 which is only 2-core. Just wonder how much faster would a 6-core processor over a 4-core, comparable to 6 GB RAM over 4 GB?

Just want to chime in (a bit late), that I got the 6-core one that is still available in a woot about a month ago. It did come with the back-up partition (although I don’t really know what it does), runs fast, huge storage, etc. Not sure what is “refurbished” about it, the mouse and keyboard both came in plastic-wrap and the computer looks new. Haven’t tried anything too difficult, but did install an old Adobe CS4 and it runs okay (despite Windows 8 claiming that it doesn’t work…but don’t get me started on how I feel about Win 8!). Got it hooked up to my home Wifi, HDMI monitor, etc. Hope this helps!

I’ve had the Envy hexa-core for a few months now and it works great for my games and for rendering. A production-quality animation in Maya still takes a while to render, but it’s definitely at least three times faster than my old dual core. I have Adobe CS6 programs installed and they run with no problems. Neverwinter freaks out at the lack of an nVidia card and asks me to lower the settings whenever I start the game up, but I tell it to run with the default settings and there are no problems. From what I’ve seen of the testing done on how Neverwinter runs, the processor makes more of a difference than the video card anyways.

I have a theory (based on nothing other than how everyone who buys one of these says it looks brand new) that these are in fact brand new computers that HP is selling as “refurbished”. Why would they do that? Maybe to get rid of a bunch of computers, maybe to keep a factory running that they would otherwise have to close, maybe to sell computers that they don’t have to support after 90 days… Who knows? If they want to sell me a decent computer for a discount and claim it’s refurbished, that’s fine with me.

Received the Deskjet 3520 and it has 2 defective setup cartridges, which makes it completely useless at the moment.

HP says it’s out of warranty.

Waiting to hear back from Woot support…

I’m lazy and just got around to attempting to install it today. I have the same problem. It won’t recognize the yellow and black cartridges. I did everything the HP support page said to resolve it. I just emailed woot as well. I hope this can be solved. I am in cartridge limbo hell!!!