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Anyone have any thoughts on…
HP Pavilion 23-B329c All-in-One PC, 23" Full HD LCD, Intel Core i5-3330S, 8GB DDR3, 2TB HDD, USB 3.0, 802.11n, Win 8

Much Appreciated…

WIN 7 please…

Really bummed I missed this 700-59c, I just didn’t have enough cash last time. Hopefully it pops up again


Can you add a wireless card to the HP-110-194?

According the the specs it has one slot for a mini PCI slot open. So yes you can add a sound, wifi, and a few other different card types. But on a personal note if you were thinking about getting that you might as well shell out the extra 20 dollars for HP Pavilion 500-164. Not only is it better in all ways its not a MiniATX board so you will have plenty of slots to put a bunch of random stuff in.

I just purchased the “HP Pavilion 500-164 Desktop, AMD A8-6500, 8GB DDR3, 2TB HDD, USB 3.0, 802.11n, Win 8” - stay away! After fighting with it for two weeks to try and get it to connect to the internet on wifi using any possible solution listed on the manufacturer or tech advisor sites, still no luck, which makes the computer useless to me. This is a common problem with the specific wifi card used for the machine, so don’t risk it! Still haven’t heard back from Woot about getting my money back on the defective product.

I bought this HP computer from woot on April 10th. Received it about a week later. This past weekend the computer crashed and it displayed an error message the “ERROR: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed” Searching HP help and they indicate that the Hard Drive failed.

I reached out to HP for warranty help and according to them the warranty expired on April 5, 2014. That is 5 days before i even bought the product!!!

Waiting on WOOT to reply, stay away from these!

You might try a different agent at HP. When you talk to them, let them know that you have a Factory Reconditioned computer with an HP warranty.