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On the HP Envy 700-159, what exactly does this mean: " *Integrated video is not available with graphics card installed"? What is it not able to do? Why is there no HDMI? Can you put a new graphics card in to solve that issue? Seems to be a pretty good card with 2gb dedicated video?

The motherboard has a built in
Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 (GT2) which could be used without an add in graphics card. However once you plug in a graphics card, it over rides the built in graphics.

Whew. Thank you for answering!

holding out for another hexa-core…

The “Quad Core A8” for $299 has an A6 processor listed in the description.

HP Pavilion 500-A60 Desktop, AMD A6-5200, 8GB DDR3, 1TB HDD, USB 3.0, 802.11n, Win 8

Thanks for pointing that out. A6 is correct. Should be fixed now.

The NVIDIA GT 635 graphics card installed in this machine has a HDMI out and a DVI-D (dual link) out. Supports 1920X1080 on HDMI and 2560X1600 on DVI-D. I’m running two monitors off this card with no problems. It’s a good chipset for an entry level graphics card. No name brand, however, so expect the fan to need replacing within a few months. But that’s not hard to do.
The computer itself is a good machine for upgrading. I added a Bluray optical drive, external HDD, and more RAM. Of course with Windows 8 you have to buy Bluray software too, but that’s the same for any computer. The Cyberlink software on mine didn’t include the Bluray player, I had to buy it.

For computer graphics cards, HDMI and DVI are both old tech now. DisplayPort is the connector of choice for the future. Better model cards and monitors use DisplayPort cables.

I could have sworn that these were sold out this morning. No matter, I got mine before they sold out the first time.

Does is have a cd/dvd drive?

Which item are you asking about?

Has anyone gotten their shipment yet. I am still waiting for mine and it’s been 7 days. It still says being shipped.

Sorry for the late reply.

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