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If you compare the 700-159 at $699 to the 700-230QE at $899, for the extra $200 you are getting a better graphics card, a better motherboard, 32GB of RAM on the board instead of 12GB, and Bluray playback. All that stuff is worth a lot more than $200. This same computer “new” is $1299 on the HP store web site. So for the people who are looking at the better models, the extra $200 for the 700-230QE is money well spent. You’re getting a $400 discount from the street price. As for the “factory reconditioned”, I believe that is BS. I have bought two of these so called “factory reconditioned” HP desktops, and they were both brand new. You are just giving up a 2 year warranty and getting a 90 day warranty. 90 days is plenty to deal with any defects from the factory.

So, if you have the money, get the best one on here. It’s a hell of a lot of computer.

I am sure it would say but do any of these have Office??

You can tell by the OS.

Windows 7 ships with Office Starter.

Windows 8 does not ship with Office.

Can anyone comment about the adequacy of the fan on the HP700-230QE? 450W?

Will this take an SSD? How do you add it? (I’m not the type that builds my own computers)

Should not be an issue, but adding another fan is usually quite simple and cheap. The last HP I bought had lots of spare power lines.

This looks like good deal out of the box just on the 32 gig of memory and Windows 8 Pro.

Only 2 reservations:

  1. the NIC is only 10/100 (pretty sad)
  2. only 1 open 5.25 bay which means no RAID cage.

But I think I am going to bite.

[MOD: We’ve fixed the typo for the NIC. ]

Wow. Woot has the same machine for $50 less, but with Windows 8 and a 1000 T-base NIC. That’s kind of strange

When a similar model was on Woot the other day the description of the 10/100 NIC turned out to just be a typo and they corrected the description that time:

[quote postid=“5780895”
Wow. Woot has the same machine for $50 less, but with Windows 8 and a 1000 T-base NIC. That’s kind of strange

Not really. “Windows 8.1 Pro” costs more than “Windows 8.1” (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/compare) and the NIC is probably a typo, though Woot should probably confirm and correct the description if so.
Edit: Looks like they did.

We double checked the specs. It’s 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN.

Sale is updated.

I have been staring at numbers that i don’t really understand for a couple of hours now. Would any of you nice people be able to tell me if “HP Pavilion 500-164 Desktop, AMD A8-6500, 8GB DDR3, 2TB HDD, USB 3.0, 802.11n, Win 8” will be powerful enough to run DIABLO III. I would also be interested in running dual monitors. any input would be greatly appreciated.

I run Diablo3 on a Fujitsu T731 i5/8GB ram with intel graphics under windows 7pro 64 bit and it plays just fine. I dont see why this one wouldn’t run as well. Isn’t the A8 the i5 equivalent?

There are a ton of AMD A8-6500 APU machines out there, so you should be able to get that info on any gaming forum or whatever.

Assuming the specs are listed correctly, you have a DVI-D port and a VGA port on the rear for video out. Nobody runs a monitor on VGA any more, at least I haven’t for about 10 years. So in my opinion this machine would only support one monitor, although it’s possible it can technically support two, one on DVI and one on VGA. But I would not consider that acceptable. You could add an inexpensive low power graphics card with dual monitor support for less than $100. Adding a graphics card disables the GPU function of the APU, so all your video would be coming from the card. It would be marginal with a 300 watt power supply, but it can be done. Barely. But you have no headroom for further upgrades except little stuff like more RAM or a second HDD or SSD. So ideally you should get a better machine. Always get the best computer you can afford; cheaping out on computers is a mistake because the software gets more demanding all the time. If your budget is limited to $450, yes you can do what you want with this machine and a graphics card.

Will these come with a backup copy of the OS on a disc? Thanks

Usually not. Most manufacturers put a restore partition on the hard drive. If you check on the manufacturer’s site, there should be information on how to make your own discs.

Looking at both 210XT machines too, they appear to have the same Case as the 230QE with two 5.25 bays, but says there is only 1 of each drive bay type, but the HP site allow adding a Secondary optical drive.

Expansion Slots & Bays:
(1) 5.25" Drive Bay (occupied)
(1) 3.5" Drive Bay (occupied)

Should this really be 2 and 3 with 1 occupied each?

Morning Howy. We’ve updated the listings based the information available:

(2) 5.25" Drive Bay (1 occupied)
(2) 3.5" Drive Bay (1 occupied)

If we can get confirmation from the vendor regarding three 3.5” bays in this model series, we’ll update again.

Thanks for the call out.

Thank you. That is exactly what i needed to know. I’m not someone who topically does a lot of upgrading. Don’t play games ferry often. I have a pretty big monitor so having 2 isn’t that big a deal. I do a little imaging stuff in my work so it sounds like this will handle it.
Thank you. I really appreciate your input.

Is there a big downside if you get windows 8 instead of 8.1? thanks

HI folks. We’re looking at an AIO for home use. We’d like something larger than a laptop. Thinking the versatility of moving the thing around beats the desktop options and even though desktops are more “bang for the buck” we don’t do any major gaming or graphics design work etc…
Leaning toward the 23" touchsmart for $529. Does anyone see any “red flags” or found anything comparable at a better price elsewhere?
Looks like it fits the bill for our needs but I’m getting buried looking around and trying to compare apples to apples. Any help is appreciated.