HP Desktops

Definitely not. None of the new computers do. You actually have to use one of the old Windows 7 features that they left in Win 8. You need a start up disc or on a flash drive or whatever, and then you create a “system image” on a second HDD, preferably an external one. For most crashes the recovery partition is fine. For a total meltdown, you will need a system image stored on an external HDD.

I have to agree. A $300 CPU, $300 of RAM, $100 video card, and more than $150 worth of drives, case, OS, etc. Already assembled.

Windows 8 was a mistake though. The whole tile thing was a ton misguided considering no one had a Windows 8 tablet then. Or now. Whereas a billion people have the desktop. 8.1 crashed 2 of my computers some weeks after upgrading and I still don’t know what that was about. YMMV!


I almost pulled the trigger on the top model until I saw the Costco sale. While not available anymore, Costco was offering this NEW WITH FULL WARRANTY and a 25" IPS display for $50 more. I cannot justify a savings of $50 for a reburb model with an inferior warranty and no free display. Looks like more waiting for the right deal, while seldom seems to be with woot these days.

Does anyone know if all the All-in-Ones really do come with a wireless keyboard and mouse as in the pictures?

Take a peek at the SPECs tab near the bottom in “In the box”. It will list what it comes with.

Ok so if it says “USB Keyboard & Mouse” I should assume it’s corded, not cordless with a USB receiver?

Anybody have opinions about how cheap I can go in the desktop lineup here (whether sold out or not) to be used solely as a Media Center PC (or HTPC). Thanks for sharing your expertise.

In for 1 of the 700-230QE!!!

That is correct.

Not at all. The upgrade to 8.1 is free. I upgraded my father’s HP (the 500-164 for $369.99) that I bought here last week. Just open the Microsoft store once you get the computer. First you may have to install 100 hotfixes, but it was all free (apart from the time it takes to install everything).

I was also going to buy this Costco computer, but I missed it by one day, when the new prices came out and this computer was gone. Yes, for $50, if it was exactly the same, I’d rather have bought it new, and with a square trade warranty, too. But you never know if Costco will ever carry it again! Their current offering for a 700qe, comes bundled with a 27" monitor, Home and Student, 2 TB hard drive, and Kapersky, for 1299.99. Plus you pay 29.95 for shipping, as well as tax on the full retail price, which in CA would be about $80 more, so more like 1409.94.

This one from Woot has Win 8.1 PRO, BluRay, and 4GB memory on the video card, 2 more USB ports, HDMI, DVI, and possibly more expandability Ports. So it seems like the Woot one still a better price, with the higher specs, but no monitor, for 520.00 less?

I did purchase this one on Monday, and it arrived on my doorstep at 10:26 am Friday morning! It came in a box marked “Refurbished” in prominent places, but looked like an original box from HP, packed very well with original, form-fitting styrofoam. The plastic parts all had protective film over them, no scratches or smudges, and the inside was clean, not a spec of dust. So from the outside, it appears to be brand new. It also came with a DVI to VGA adapter that wasn’t listed in the Woot description. Haven’t turned it on, yet. Have to get a monitor with HDMI! Upgrade my modem, Wifi, and printer, and I’m good to go. LOL!

I do not see any headphone or Mic ports in the front panel as is listed in the specs for the 700-230QE!!! I received mine Friday morning. Very speedy shipping after ordering it on Monday! Did anyone else get one with these 2 Ports, or are the specs wrong in the description? I only see one headphone jack on the top, no others on the unit?

Hmm, I’d recommend emailing your situation and order info to support@woot.com. CS can check into your issue and review your available options.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to hook up two DVI monitors to the HP Envy 700-230QE? Or possibly 1 DVI and 1VGA? Would would be the best way to connect two monitors, even if I needed to buy some sort of adapter? Thanks!

There is one DVI port, and one HDMI port. So you could either get an adapter that splits the DVI into a Y for 2 DVI’s. OR, you could get an HDMI to DVI adapter, for one monitor, and use the DVI port for the other one.